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  1. Why would we need to? Your pictures have received plenty of attention; especially your comic strip with Sora and Vanitas in it.
  2. I have never made a popular thread before...

    1. Zola


      I'd say the equation for thread Success = Relevant + Original + Interesting

    2. Zola


      For your target audience, anyway.

    3. Varnish


      Thank you. I will keep that in mind.

  3. You certainly receive far more attention to your drawings than I did.
  4. Maybe Looney Tunes can be included as well. With all seriousness, if I remember correctly, I read from a very reliable source that Disney has given the video game rights of Star Wars to EA, which makes the likelihood of Star Wars being included in the series much less than people currently think.
  5. Finally, somebody gets it... As for an unrelated opinion, here is something that I am sure others here can agree with: More than once, I have seen people attempting to spread baseless rumours that the male characters of the Kingdom Hearts series were originally meant to have "deeper relationships" between each other. My response to this is; why would anyone want to spread these rumours? They are not true, and they only give people false knowledge. I am sure that most, if not all, of the people who spread these rumours do so because that is what they want to believe.
  6. Not in reality, but Chris Thorndyke, of the Sonic X Anime, is often said to resemble a younger Sora.
  7. To me, it really is a glaring problem...
  8. Anyone who says that the characters of the Sonic series are underdeveloped has not paid much attention to the characters of the Mario series.
  9. It is such a nice theme; not what one would expect in the case of a robot.
  10. The Pokémon "fandom" is just as bad (if not worse) as the Sonic "fandom".
  11. I can hardly believe that I started this...

  12. I would not want him to look like that, but when it comes to animatronics, Howard the Duck's appearance was probably as good as was possible at the time.
  13. I know that this is probably directed at me, but I am not going to be bothered in replying to this properly. I read both of those "essays", and they have done nothing for me.
  14. The reason is not worth talking about.
  15. Personally, I do not think that it is a good idea. The result would probably be some sort of awkward mess, which would be as looked down upon as the Avatar (The Last Airbender) film. However, if the story originally came in the form of a series of books instead of a video game series, perhaps I would disapprove of the idea slightly less.
  16. Mental note: People are not liked for expressing their opinions.

    1. Sora96


      That's the Internet for ya.

  17. Either way, removing the fire was a questionable and unnecessary move. I said mild swears; along the lines of what Axel said in the original Chain of Memories. Adding blood would make some scenes look more dramatic, and would make them have more of an impact on the player. The death scenes are not particularly intense. The deaths of Vexen and Zexion were about as intense as they get, and even then, Vexen's death scene was censored in the PS2 remake of Chain of Memories. http://kh13.com/forum/topic/64909-im-getting-sick-of-kingdom-hearts-being-so-censored/page-1
  18. The censorship in the series is unbelievably overdone. Removing one second of flames being depicted on Axel's body in Kingdom Hearts II was not even slightly necessary, the mild swear word that Axel gave in the original Chain of Memories did not need to be removed from his dialogue in the PS2 remake, and censoring Aqua's clothing was not necessary either. Those are just a few examples. The Final Fantasy series has always had less intense censorship. What is the harm in Kingdom Hearts trying to go in accordance to this? What I want is simple; an occasional mild swear word, at least one scene per game that depicts blood, and more intense death scenes. I know that I am not the only one who is "getting worked up about it"; there was a thread about the subject that was created the other day.
  19. And a lack of censorship is needed for an appeal to the Final Fantasy audience.
  20. Kingdom Hearts - Disney = ?

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    2. Zola


      Not going to say it.

    3. Varnish


      @Zola: Say what, exactly?

    4. Zola


      I do not feel like explaining the details here.

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