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  1. Unfortunately, there is no way to visually quantify the Revenge Value or Flinch Value for opponents while in-game. It's not like the HP bar where you have a measurable meter to calculate from. I know there are youtube videos of people hacking the game to display these values, but I cant do that.
  2. I wrote this guide partially for myself (because it was fun to do) and partially for the people of the KH reddit community. It is an informational guide that details the mechanics behind how damage is applied in KH2FM. It also has a table for the battle level stats of every world/opponent, a table for most of Sora's attacks that covers the damage each one does, and lists for level-up & event bonus abilities. Most of this info was obtained through the KH2 ultimania, but other bits were accumulated through in-game testing. The manual testing also helped to confirm most of the Ultimania's stats, and points out many of the 'official' game guide's flaws. https://docs.google.com/document/d/10-XkqDEOKRMwXfVVMh9I52bYxRI-B3MG5SAqaQ1EZns/edit?usp=sharing I will probably add to the guide as time goes on. Let me know what you guys think.
  3. I agree. Many people seem to be raving about the Re: Coded movie and how 'good' it was and how 'cool' it was to watch, but I sat down to watch it with 3 friends, (all of us are KH fans) we were bored to tears. It was so unnecessarily long and had very little action. There were maybe 20 minutes of interesting scenes and over 2 hours of inane chatter. I honestly didn't think it could be worse than the 358 days movie, but it was. As for KH2FM and BBSFM (the real reasons I bought the collection) they are amazing! Easily 10/10 for both of them IMO.
  4. Yes, yes. I know that. Doesn't change the fact that I think he is a very overrated boss. He's tough, but not anywhere close to as bad as people make him out to be.
  5. I completely agree with this order. MF is hard, but No Heart is harder.
  6. Yeah, 8 is the hardest in my opinion. Although 10 is a close second for me. I've always been bad at the 'cup shuffling game'.
  7. When you do them and in what order is up to you, but to give you some idea of the 'intended' order, here are their actual battle levels: Zexion: lv25 -Fight him after you finish your first visit to Haloween Town, which is lv24. Larxene: lv32 -Fight her right after you get out of Space Paranoids but BEFORE the heartless attack Hollow Bastion, because you cant access Port Royal for a bit afterwards. Lexaeus: lv40 -Fight him right after your second visit to Agrabah, which is also lv40. Vexen: lv50 -Fight him as soon as you get to The World That Never Was, right after Axel dies. Marluxia: lv80 -Even though I am under-leveled by about 30 levels or so, I usually fight him right after I beat Xemnas at the skyscraper but BEFORE I start the final boss battles. It makes the battle very long, but he has very few attacks that do HP damage, so you will be ok. Interestingly enough, Sephiroth is also lv80, so I usually fight him immediately after taking down Marluxia, and then I go compelte the game.
  8. It really depends on how skilled you are at the game. Also, it depends on what's the lowest level you can make it through the Cavern of Remembrance at, specifically, the last room with the waves and waves of nobodies. I know there's many people out there who've beaten all of the Org XIII Datas at lv1 Critical, but I find that needlessly difficult and rather tedious. The lowest level I've ever reached the Garden of Assemblage at is lv55 on Proud. At that level, I've beaten all members except Xemnas, Xigbar, Xaldin, and Roxas. It's very difficult but very fun. Essentially what I'm saying is, it really depends on your skill as a KH2 player to know what level you should be at. To give you a little context though, the battle level of the Transport to Remembrance room (with the waves of nobodies) is lv75. The Battle level for the actual Data battles is lv99.
  9. What difficulty mode are you playing on? What level are you at? How much experience do you have playing KH2? Proper advice depends on these factors in many situations.
  10. Well, so far I have had no 1 second freezes, and I have had no issues with the load times. They seem to be a LITTLE bit longer than they were in the original 2FM, but only sometimes and not by much at all. Most of the time they are just as fast. Also, I've played through KH2 and KH2FM dozens of times with hundreds of hours of gameplay in each, so I know what I'm talking about. I'm not saying that you don't know what you're talking about, or that these problems don't exist at all, its just that most of them do not exist for ME. And if they don't for me, I'm sure there are others out there who don't have them either. Not that everything is perfect mind you. As I said, the drive transformation is the one thing that is noticeably slower, but I've only seen about 4 seconds at most so far. As for the fat PS3 being the slowest, keep in mind that there are many types of fat PS3's. Very few of them have backwards compatibility with PS2 games. Mine does. Perhaps that makes a difference.
  11. How is the NA version less stable? It should be at least the same. There's no reason for it to be worse. As for the load times, I see no issues at all where many people were complaining (cutscene load times, opening the save menu, ect.), the only delays I'm seeing compared to the original 2FM are when you use a drive. And in all honesty its not that bad. This might have something to do with my PS3 though. I have the old 80gig backwards compatible one, the ones that were designed to be able to play PS2 games. Perhaps this improves the performance of KH2FM in 2.5 for me? I have no clue, but it's one possible theory, because watching some people do playthoughs of the Japanese version on Twitch and Youtube, then comparing it to my NA version as I play though it, there is a noticeable improvement in load times. I find it very hard to believe that. So far, the longest I've had to wait for a drive is 3, maybe 4 seconds. I know that it used to be 1 to 2 seconds on the PS2, but its certainly not 10. If it does actually take you this long to drive, your PS3 might have a problem.
  12. Yeah, all a matter of opinion I guess. I agree that Limit Form is a bit too powerful, but I just think it's not quite as OP as Final From.
  13. Not true at all. You're right that Limit Form is powerful, but if you think it's stronger than Final Form then you clearly haven't discovered how OP Final Form + Firaga can be. Limit is great for taking down single opponents on the ground with physical attacks, but it's bad at just about everything else. Final, however, is insanely powerful at taking out single or multiple enemies, on the ground or in the air, with physical attacks or with magic. Overall, it's far superior.
  14. Holy crap that's awesome! I know having the English voice actors for the Absent Silhouettes is a minor thing, but I really like that they took the time to do it. The old sounds made by those particular members were just a bunch of laughs and grunts anyway, so it wouldn't really have mattered, but nevertheless, good job SE! I kinda wish they had thrown some of the actual dislodge battle quotes in there as well, such as Zexion yelling "See my Illusion!" or "Your memories shall be mine!" like he does in Re:Com, but like I said, its a minor thing.
  15. Yes, and for one reason: 1.5's "Card Master Sora" trophy. The grind for that thing is crazy. Honestly, that one trophy is harder to get than all others in this collection combined.
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