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  1. Welcome to the site have fun
  2. Yeah dude its just a dragon ball movie; a bad guy appears and then they fight him pretty simple right?
  3. You thought battle of the gods was disappointing?
  4. Nintendo has us by the balls we must keep buying their games even if they don't give us anything new.
  5. I would rather play as Selphie Would you rather see Kairi as a play character or not in KHIII?
  6. Somewhere around the 170's they(the animators making the anime) have been skipping around so you might have seen some of the chapters. Good Luck!
  7. No. No one twerk please. FOR THE LOVE OF GOD NOONE TWERK!!!!1!!
  8. All true though, I just watched it myself, also can confirm just hacked ATM
  9. My brother had the game, I think he got it for Christmas or something
  10. Wow they did something like this and its 100% real...
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