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  1. I wont ask him for the release date of kingdom hearts 3 because he will not tell it to Anyone
  2. I choose hoverboard but i want self lock shoes and self drying clothes to
  3. I dont know if its true or not but i just open amazon and find kingdom hearts 3 pre order and it says that it will be release on december 31,2016

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    2. KingdomHearts3


      Once again, this is a placeholder. Don't believe any date you see until SQEX announce it.

    3. WakingDawn96


      Has any major game released on New Year's Eve? No, I can't think of any. That is called a placeholder date, it's just a date that isn't true that people use to have some date listed.

    4. WakingDawn96


      And FYI, few weeks ago, Amazon said December 31, 2015! And that isn't happening either

  4. I like it but i was a little confuse about the meaning of that art why aqua was there instead of kairi and if aqua was there where is ven and terra
  5. I like it but i hate it when im in a middle of a boss fight. If you were at a boss fight and you drop and then you back again your enemy bosses will have a full hp bar again. I know i can use the drop-me-not potion but first,i must use an extra munny second, i have a lot of great command to use in the fight but i must use one slot for drop-me-not potion
  6. Guys please reply this post. I want to ask you guys, i want to download the kh unchained x but my japanese is not to good, so for you who have play it is there a language option in this japanese version of kingdom hearts unchained x?

    1. lea12345


      if I were you I would just wait for the English version like I am because its only Japanese

    2. chencomp


      Its only in japanese? Ok then, i will wait until the english version comes out

  7. I really want to download the japanese app now but my japanese is not that good (but someday i'm sure i will) so i will wait for the english languange version
  8. I really really want to buy it.but, i will not buy it because for me its to expensive for a novel but i want it
  9. The mobile of course. The pc has already got a kingdom hearts X(chi). And you can play a game on a mobile anywhere but you can only play a pc at some place
  10. Birth by sleep. Because sora or riku may not be a keyblade wielder if there is no BBS. Plus you can't understand kingdom hearts 3D if you dont play the BBS First.
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