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  1. Do you know where could I look for in order to import it?
  2. Marco Basile

    Greetings from Italy

    I'm Italian
  3. The orchestral version of the music sounds awesome, but this man really sucks at playing...
  4. Just got Kingdom Hearts 10th Anniversary Box, it's awesome!

  5. Waiting for KH 10th Anniversary Box to arrive. I'm so excited!

  6. Marco Basile

    Guardians of Light role in KH3 theory

  7. Marco Basile

    New Info soon?

    I guess we'll have some news at TGS.
  8. Marco Basile

    New Key- weapons after KH3?

    Keyknives, to cut Keycakes.
  9. Marco Basile

    (Spoilers) 7th Guardian of Light confusion

    It's probably Kairi.
  10. Marco Basile

    Creepiest moment in kingdom hearts?

    Watching Xigbar naked...
  11. Marco Basile

    Why do these still exist?...

    Coming SOON.
  12. Yup if they would just reduce the cost it would be awesome ..
  13. Marco Basile

    What grade do you give to this game?

    KH1: 9/10KHCoM: 7/10KH2: 10/10KH358/2 Days: 8/10KHBbS: 9/10KHRe:Coded: 7/10KHDDD: 9/10