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  1. Xion WILL return and im hoping that she'll spawn a different keyblade reflecting her persona
  2. Keyblade transformations with ORG XXIII weapons!!!!! Sora wielding Marluxia's Scythe and Axel's Chakrams
  3. Thank you for pointing it out @Decimo In KH1, after the first run-through of the tournament you get experience, but after ZIP!!! I'd rather hash-out in tournaments rather than running around the last world that gives out the most exp in the entire game to grind out to Lvl.99
  4. Thank you for all the feedback fellow forum users!!!! Hopefully we get to see Neku and the gang again in next-gen glory
  5. I really enjoyed the flowmotion controls in DDD and it adds a whole new mechanics in gameplay. Now I know that time travel will very well be incorporated in KH3, but sleep has been used frequently in the series. Post-CoM, Sora is required to SLEEP in order to retain his memories back. Then after the events of BBS, Ventus' body is in deep slumber and later we found out that his heart went into Sora. Again, SLEEP. Lastly, in DDD, Sora and Riku went to partake the Mark of Mastery Exam and they were put into SLEEP to unlock the SLEEPing keyholes and later Riku obtained Data-DiZ's data what could be either Tome of Prophecy or Key of Returning Hearts with the help of the DREAM WORLD. And also in order to time travel, you must leave your body behind and a version of yourself waiting in that time, meaning you have to be asleep. So it means DREAM WORLD (could be) A FACTOR!!!!!!. Take note: Sora was sleeping in the very beginning of the series "Gimme a break, Kairi"...."Sora, you lazy bum"!!!!!!! So what'd you all think? Will dream world make its return in KH3? Plus who wouldn't want this as a companion:
  6. Just a question to all my fellow forum users. What triggered the darkness to consume all worlds in KH1?? Was it Master Xehanort?? Ansem?? The hooded figure?? The prophecy states that light will lose to the darkness, is it referring to the events of BBS or KH3?? Or is it just for plot purposes? What do you all think?
  7. Well put!!! The Tome of Prophecy can draw power from both future and past so yeah that explains why Maleficent is after its data version. It reminds me of FF13-2 where there were anomalies in different eras of a specific place. Typical Nomura. -_-
  8. Kingdom Hearts Re:X?? Just make it into full cinematic explanation rather than us having to play
  9. Honestly, it should be Final Mix!!!!!! With the limitations of the 3DS, Square Enix should at least throw in 2 extra worlds in PS3 version. But if it affects the development of KH3 then IDGAF
  10. I personally agree with you on this one. Kingdom Hearts needs a strong female protagonists such as Aqua, then now Kairi. Hopefully Namine will return in KH3 because she played huge roles in KH:CoM and Re:Coded. She deserves to be one of the main characters.
  11. Definitely. I'm working on Re:CoM but at the moment playing and grinding on Destiny Lvl.27 Warlock trying to aim Lvl.30
  12. Definitely KH3. Probably the English version of the teaser with Young Xehanort and Eraqus talking about lost masters and then some more.
  13. AGGGHHH!!! I owned Sora and Roxas already and now they decided to release KAI versions. Welp buying them again and I might just sell the old ones. I'm really looking forward for a Riku KAI version please make it happen.
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