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  1. Ah! I just noticed. So Marluxia decides to stay with his nobody name. So is this Marluxia the nobody of Lauriam and is he there cause of time travel? Or is it Lauriam just calling himself Marluxia? Hum...

    1. DoDo4869


      Probably the first thing I guess?


    2. Youkomon


      Maybe he stuck with it since he is still an organization member.


      He did say he is a member of "the only organization"

  2. Riku looks so gooood *.*

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    2. Felixx


      The first time I actually like Riku's design, and I even like his outfit more than Sora's. So agreed!

    3. PrinceNoctis


      HAAAAA! LMAO that's why I like his hair so much now. Nomura even gave Riku the same kind of pants and boots as Noctis. Guess he wanted to take back a character that was taken away from him.

    4. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      Yep this is the first Riku design that I love.

  3. (╭☞ ¬ v ¬ )╭☞

    1. DoDo4869


      (Why is everyone posting emoji? xP)

  4. Merry Christmas to everyone! :3

  5. Going to watch it in a week! But I don't think that I'll dislike it!
  6. Now in developement. (Is this joke overused? )
  7. zzzzz.... huh, what? It's night already? Alright.... zzzzz
  8. Well it would be an impressive fake if it is one! It could be just me, but I think Sora does look kinda weird... well anyways, I do believe it's a fake, a good one though! And if it shouldn't be, then I wouldn't complain either, Monsters Inc in KH III? Sure, why not?
  9. Darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness within darkness.... (If we'd include stuff like Riku saying "DARKNESS!" everytime he transforms into Dark form in a battle in Chain of Memories, then yeah definitly darkness!)
  10. Well.... fair enough! I think Sora said in KH I "That's Riku's boat, and Kairi's!" But yeah I guess it could still be the boats of their parents
  11. You have boats! Why build a raft? What the Shrimp! D:
  12. Basically... everything would make it better I guess! Not that it's bad, but some variety like that would make it even cooler !
  13. Yep we got Lauriam Pinky and Blaine Brain.... Oh my, Nomura you sly fox :wink:
  14. His name is Brain..... Firetruuuuuuuuuu-

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    2. KeybladeMasterBalo


      You thing it might be hinting to something? Such as "Brain" being the Master "Brain" of some evil plan? Or that maybe he's going to be the smartalecks of the group?

    3. KingdomHearts3


      Are we sure it isn't a mistake and they misspelled it?

    4. DoDo4869


      @KeybladeMasterBalo Well maybe... though it would seem a bit obvious to call the mastermind "Brain" xD. He seems a bit shady though...


      @KindomHearts3 I kinda hope so but I doubt it, guess we gotta wait for the next Update :/

  15. What the? 15k jewels? Whaaaaaaaat :O

    1. KeybladeMasterBalo
    2. DoDo4869


      And we're supposed to get 3k more next update? OMG :O!

    3. KeybladeMasterBalo


      Really!? Didn't see nothing about it but Yay!

  16. I want to get the Platinum for Re:Com, I'm missing some Enemy Cards. I haven't gotten a single one after 3 hours of farming, it's exhausting D:

    1. DevilSpooky


      Just reset the game to reset the RNG, do it every 30 minutes or so to improve the drop rates.

    2. DoDo4869


      Yeah thanks! I guess it worked a bit better, got some by now at least! :D

    3. DevilSpooky


      No point in keep going if you have a crappy RNG, this way you don't waste time.

  17. I forgot how catchy the few Soundtracks in Re:coded were xP

  18. Looking at this picture... This looks like a perfect RPG cast, they could very much fit into a new Final Fantasy game
  19. Ah LIS: Before the Storm is great! It has the flair from the original one, and knowing what Chloe thinks and goes through makes me like her even more! :D

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