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  1. Wow that's quite the intro! And now I definitely want to hear that story. I mean, you can't just say "I'm a walking miracle" and not elaborate Anyways, welcome and I hope you have fun here.
  2. 58! Wow, you look away for a couple minutes...
  3. 2 I agree, offensive jokes are among the funniest, but it's better to not tell them to the entire internet.
  4. I would find some way to trademark "slapping asses in clubs".
  5. Hey welcome! Hope you have fun here. And you can't go wrong with classic rock
  6. How DARE you! Tequila is objectively worse. It's basically paint thinner.
  7. Wow, I hadn't been online here for a month. Hiya people! How are things?

    1. Oli


      *flips hair*


      Dear Psychic_Ketchup

      *flips hair*

      Things are bad in the suburbs

    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Holy crap dude, where have you been? :O

  8. Should have seen that one coming Another Side
  9. I know the lyrics to the first two songs the best, but that's only because they're played constantly everywhere I go. So as much as it pains me, I'll vote for one of those
  10. Oh cool, I can buy it a third time! ... Oh god, I might actually do that one day.
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