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  1. Wow that's quite the intro! And now I definitely want to hear that story. I mean, you can't just say "I'm a walking miracle" and not elaborate Anyways, welcome and I hope you have fun here.
  2. 58! Wow, you look away for a couple minutes...
  3. 2 I agree, offensive jokes are among the funniest, but it's better to not tell them to the entire internet.
  4. I would find some way to trademark "slapping asses in clubs".
  5. Psychic_Ketchup


    Hey welcome! Hope you have fun here. And you can't go wrong with classic rock
  6. How DARE you! Tequila is objectively worse. It's basically paint thinner.
  7. Wow, I hadn't been online here for a month. Hiya people! How are things?

    1. Oli


      *flips hair*


      Dear Psychic_Ketchup

      *flips hair*

      Things are bad in the suburbs

    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Holy crap dude, where have you been? :O

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