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  1. I understand the rationale, but we honestly have a *ton* of name recognition with the current address, to the point that I regularly see people referencing the wiki on reddit and facebook any time a new medal comes out. I think changing our name would really undercut that a lot. If we're trying to capture viewers looking for Union X info, maybe "Kingdom Hearts Unchained χ / Union χ Wiki"? Also, there's the small matter of abbreviating it to "KHUX" making it sounds like "cucks", which is kind of a poisoned word at this time.
  2. They have a standard multiplier from the base 6* stats, so we felt it was redundant. We've commented out existing stats so that we can nail down the exact algorithm.
  3. All pages should end up using the template. Quest 1 is the format; we can try writing up documentation but the main goal right now is scrambling to fill out the pages for limited-time quests. We probably won't make a lot of headway on story quests until either (1) a new and very dedicated player decides they want to help, or (2) we get another 1 AP event, and can afford to spend AP replaying them.
  4. I mean, he's an island boy. He's gonna tan a shit-ton, and that's assuming that Xehanort and Eraqus are the direct children of Ephemera and Skuld, rather than descendants -- if they're grandchildren or further, there could be natives of the Destiny Islands in their heritage, and those are based on Okinawans.
  5. Thanks.I've tried to implement it, but I'm having unforeseen trouble. I'm basing it on this. The only thing I can think of, do we have the Mediawiki version mentioned on this thread?http://stackoverflow.com/questions/27973362/how-do-i-scale-an-images-width-to-a-percentage-of-the-window-with-mediawiki
  6. Request to add to MediaWiki:common.css: img.medal {width: 70%;height: auto;}This is for Medal images in the infomedal infobox, since due to the nature of the Medal artwork, the dimensions of each Medal image vary so we need a proportional way to size them to get them to be proportional to each other.
  7. Kikuhime has left due to the loss of her account, so we're a bit short on admins. We're wanting to rename all the Medal images to work better with the Mission template, which is going to require some more admin active support. I'm requesting that several of our regular editors be made admins -- I can personally vouch for them based on their work at KH and Digimon Wikis: *N. Harmonik *Neumannz *ShardofTruth *TheSilentHero *Xabryn
  8. Any progress on enabling AWB? Does anyone need me to look up info on the KHWiki? Anything I can help with?Also, we need the max image area increased to deal with this: http://www.khunchainedx.com/wiki/File:Clock_Tower_Area_KHX.pnghttps://www.mediawiki.org/wiki/Manual:$wgMaxImageArea
  9. Your most necessary medals will be stuff like Vivi, KH II Aerith, DiZ, Namine, KH II Kairi, Alice, or Pooh & Piglet. Less useful but still good are KH Aerith, Phil, and White Rabbit. After that, it's just a question of which medals are most efficient at dealing damage, but until you get very far in the game, even the farmable medals will be able to help you.
  10. The wiki has listed the levels that players have been able to achieve. Due to the Gem upgrades requiring materials that are severely rationed, we don't actually know what the JP max level is yet because no one's been able to achieve it.
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