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  1. I've never seen the original concept for Terra, so I definitely won't know the exact answer, but if I had to make a guess, I'd say his hair color would be different. I could kind of see Nomura deciding on the hair color with difficulty, especially if he was trying to give Terra similar characteristics as Riku, with both becoming consumed by the darkness. So, hair color is my final answer! Rock on!
  2. Whoa! Everything is so new and fancy! Man, I really missed A LOT while I was gone. O.O

    1. Exiblade7


      welcome back! :)

    2. Veemon


      Great to see you again, Zeldablade! I'm glad to be back!^^

  3. It seems like Shinji Hashimoto created a Twitter account 5 days ago. One of his posts really caught my attention...Is he confirming Sora for Smash? https://twitter.com/shinjihashimot3/status/1042887115040743424?s=20

    1. Veemon


      It's gotta be a legit account at the very least! After all, it's being followed by official Square Enix accounts.

    2. Veemon


      Uh-oh! Looks like he deleted his reply about Sora being in Smash. He spilled the beans, though! xD

    3. chi-blade


      Yeah, I saw it before it got deleted. It's exciting but I gotta keep my expectations low. );

  4. Depending on your device, there are various methods of taking screenshots. For one example, you can hold down the Power Button + Home Button, and that will take a picture of your current screen. Another example could be a setting on your device that allows you to simply have a button for screenshots. Depending on your device, you can try one or both of these methods. As for my image in particular, I took it on my Android Tablet, and I used the screenshot button that appears when I turn on the option for it in my device's settings. Hope that helps! Rock on!
  5. Hey there, everyone! I haven't been here very much lately, but I just wanted to drop by and say hi! I hope everyone is still doing great!

    1. IwasBornAsVentus


      Hey there, fellow KH member! Nice to see you again.

  6. I wish you all a merry Christmas! And a happy New Year!

    1. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Merry Christmas to you as well, Veemon! I hope that it is a terrific one!

  7. Anyone else notice that the keyhole on the Clock Tower in Neverland in KH1 is on the 13th minute increment? https://media.discordapp.net/attachments/363299919584428032/389279990694543371/Screenshot_2017-12-09-23-54-36.png

    1. Veemon


      In case it is hard to read which increments are the minute/second marks, they are the lines that do not touch the edges of the outer part of the clock. (The 4 increments between each hour increment, ie: 1=5, 2=10, 3=15, etc.)

    2. KingdomHearts3


      Oh come on! You have got to be kidding me! Even in KH1 he has to have the symbolism.

  8. Hello, everyone! I apologize if any of you missed me, I have been quite busy with other affairs, but I am here to say that I have been doing rather well.

    1. Iris


      Hello! Glad you're doing okay. :)

    2. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      I've missed you! How have you been? I'm quite gladdened to hear that you have been well.

    3. Veemon


      @Neptune. I am glad to see you, too! It's been so long since we last talked, huh?^^


      @Mystics. Yeah, I've been so caught up in other parts of my life that I have been unable to tend to KH13. But I hope that you are doing okay, Mystics!^^

  9. Happy Birthday, my old pal! I wish I could give you something for your birthday, but alas I am poor at remembering everybody's brithdays. Nonetheless, I hope you have a great rest of your brithday! Rock on!
  10. I'm very, very sorry about what happened in your past, Cricket...You didn't deserve any of this pain. In all honesty, your behavior was very normal for the situations you were in. When someone doesn't get the love they expected from their parents, it can really influence their social behaviors. Thankfully, however, your reaction to your parents' unloving attitude towards you was handled a lot better than those with a sheer revenge mindset. You may have body pain, but you are truly a strong soul, Cricket. And you know, I remember when you wrote that status saying that you thought nobody cared about you at all, and that kind of hurt me...But I knew that you must've been going through some rough times with, what was it, cancer? Regardless, you were going through some rough times, and I really wanted to help, but, you didn't want to talk to me anymore, and I had to respect your decision. Thankfully now though, maybe we can talk again, Cricket. Please know now that there are still people out there who care about you, even when it seems as if you are alone in many things. Until then, I wish you the best of luck in your final year in college! Rock on!
  11. I'm quite surprised that Bahamut is not on this list! That guy is like the deity of all dragons. Though, given Bahamut's short tempur, it would be a challenge to ride such a creature. Well, if I could ride a dragon, boy...that's a hard choice. I guess maybe Imperialdramon (Dragon Mode) or any dragon from Puzzle & Dragons (as long as it appears ridable). Rock on!
  12. Hey there, Yessie! Wow, you're a mod now, huh? Congrats!

    1. Yessie Maltese

      Yessie Maltese

      Hey there. And yep yep! X3 thanks!

  13. H-Hey, Mystics! Uhh, Happy Birthday to you! I apologize for not being here on your birthday, I only heard of it since just a few minutes ago... But Mystics, always know that I am glad we were able to talk together, and to do some roleplaying as well. You always wanted me to have my way if possible, even if it caused a bit of complexity between us at times, but it's that hospitality that makes you who you are, the kind of person many of us want to be around. I feel that your hard-working life deserves an equally awesome reward, even if you feel like you don't need it. I hope you're doing well, and once again, Happy Birthday, Mystics! Rock on!
  14. I haven't really posted as often anymore...Too much other stuff to be done I guess. :/ Not that many people missed me anyway, but you know...^^

  15. Elebit (Elebits: Adventures of Kai and Zero) Rock on!
  16. Strelizia didn't even last a month? Way to get people's hopes up, Square...Why do they love killing off lovable characters? *cough cough* FFXV *cough*

  17. (Sorry, we kind of already have Horace named. You can change your post if you want, though!) Daisy Duck Rock on!
  18. Another last-minute shoutout to Organization member XV, Happy Birthday! :D

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Veemon


      No, XV, as in the KH13 user Organization member XV. She's a close friend of mine, and yesterday, the 15th, was her birthday.

    3. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Happy birthday to her, then! X3

    4. Clouded Sun

      Clouded Sun

      Ohhhhh! Thought you meant Roxas' voice actor, my bad. Happy bday to her!

  19. I got back from Super Smash Con yesterday! I wonder if someone else on here went as well. :)

    1. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      Ooh, that sounds awesome! I hope that you enjoyed it. : ) were there any cosplayers?

    2. Veemon


      Yeah, there were some awesome cosplayers! I saw a really good Fox, and a few female characters such as Samus and Zelda. :)

    3. Mystics Apprentice

      Mystics Apprentice

      That sounds awesome! I would love to go to a con someday. I'm glad that you had the opportunity to go!

  20. "For hearth and home, ya little runaway..." I think he says: "*insert japanese kanjis here*" Rock on!
  21. Do not fear the lack of feelings, whether it is of the senses, or of emotions. If you follow your heart, and hold fast to your dearest of friends, you will always feel something, well...special. *smiles cheerfuly* (Rock on!)
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