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  1. Damn. I have xbox one, and i don't want to buy a ps4 JUST for this!!!! Plus everything i have is for xbox! UGH
  2. I want KH3 to have a multiplayer like 358/2! Pick a character, then go. Itd be great!

    1. Col.Random


      It'd be kinda fun if we could customize and make our own characters then proceed to certain levels for pvp

    2. cabclint5


      Ooohh thatd be sweet too!

  3. And everyone will laugh if 2.9 was just a typo. I don't wanna get my hopes up since i have a xbone. ugh.
  4. Does linking characters even matter ? I linked unchained to x and x to unchained and nothing happened. it seems pointless.
  5. Woah wait. Are you serious?! Ill try it !
  6. If I wanted to start doing let's plays and walkthroughs and things, what kind of stuff should I have? I pretty much just have an xbox one. :D

  7. What if Sora just picked up the stick? He'd be flawless. 0_0
  8. Am I the only one that gets some sort of 'down for maintenance' popup when i try to play Kingdom Hearts Unchained X? It seems that at least once a day it goes down for maintenance and it's really annoying. Maybe the US version will be flawless if they get the bugs out now
  9. I will pay for one of those mickey figures. Im getting one as soon as a listing goes up anywhere. YOURE MINE !
  10. I cant translate ll that great yet, but id love to attempt being a reporter.
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