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  1. Those are amazing! Great job! That sounds like a fun class too, I wish you luck with that.
  2. I haven't seen these recommended yet so I'll just throw them out there (I do watch subbed though so if these aren't dubbed I apologize!) I won't go into too much detail about these but they're all good. Snow White with the Red Hair: Romance/Adventure story, pretty cute and calm. Free! Iwatobi Swim Club: Slice of life swim team anime, lots of bromance and just a fun anime (Though the second season gets a bit emotional ) Magi: Labyrinth of Magic: Adventure anime with magic and a neat story. Pandora Hearts: Darker story, the manga is way superior but the anime isn't terrible if you don't like manga. I still enjoyed it. Natsume Yuujinchou: Really underrated, calmer story about a boy who can see spirits. Actually fantastic. Tonari no Seki-kun: Anime shorts about a schoolgirl and her mischievous classmate, great for if you want a laugh. The Devil's a Part-Timer: Action/Comedy that I thoroughly enjoyed. Haikyuu!!: Another slice of life sports anime, again full of bromance and fun. Others have already recommended some of my favourites like Ouran High School Host Club and My Hero Academia, so I won't keep going. Hopefully you can find a new anime you enjoy soon!
  3. Mari smiled as she sat back in her seat, shooting a grateful glance at Alya for stepping in. Turning to the teacher, she attempted to pay attention to the lesson, but her mind kept wandering. She wondered if the new girl liked baked goods, because if she did Marinette could invite her over after school. If she invited her over, maybe she could subtly invite Adrien too, since he seemed to know the girl. She could kill two birds with one stone: Get to know the new girl, and have some time with Adrien! "But how to do it..." Mari whispered to herself, not realizing she had spoken aloud. Sticking her tongue out in concentration, she plotted how best to ask the two to come to the bakery. A thought occurred to her. Alya could ask! She was much better at the whole socializing thing than Marinette when Adrien was involved. "Hey, Alya," she mumbled, crossing her fingers. "Wanna come over, and invite Onpu and Adrien to the bakery after school?"
  4. With a deep breath, Marinette shot a grin at Alya. Her smile grew when she glanced at the new girl. She was adorable! Marinette was not surprised Adrien knew who she was, he was so smart. She sighed dreamily, gazing up in the sky as a thought bubble appeared. She pictured how adorable their daughter would be, just like this new girl. Just like Adrien. How cute would she look in an outfit like this girl's? Letting out a giggle, she moved to lean on her desk, her arm missing the surface. Marinette screamed as she tumbled onto the floor, her arms flailing wildly, right in front of the new girl. Scrambling to get out of her way, Marinette pushed herself to her knees. "Oh my gosh I'm so sorry- I didn't mean to- I was just thinking and- Are you okay? Did I hit you?" Marinette met the girl's eyes, her own wide and apologetic. She heard snickers from around the classroom, and a few exasperated sighs. Some were used to her antics. She felt her cheeks heating up.
  5. Marinette was late. Again. She thumped down the staircase and snatched her lunchbox from the counter. A note from her mother fluttered to the floor and was trampled in her haste. Bursting out the door, she ran in the direction of her school. "Oh, why didn't I get back from patrol earlier?" she groaned, out of breath. She brightened when she saw the school, pushing her way through the doors and entering with a mighty bang. Marinette found her classroom and quietly opened the door. She saw the class already seated, staring at her blankly. Her cheeks darkened as she let out a small laugh, moving to sit next to her friend Alya.
  6. If only I could add my laugh because it's pretty obnoxiously great My contribution just because his laugh makes me laugh:
  7. I know Miraculous pretty well, but I have no idea what DoReMi is
  8. Kubo and the Two Strings Incredibles 2, honestly. I loved the first one, and used to watch it all the time. I'm glad it's finally getting a sequel besides a crappy video game
  9. (I has returned) ~City Z~ Armin watched the battle from above, keeping an eye on everyone and waiting for an opening to jump in. He took a deep breath and jumped down, launching his gear into the building across from him and swinging down. He slashed at one of the Rippers, severing its arm. He turned to launch his gear, but to his alarm, nothing happened. "Crap," he grunted, realizing it was out of the gas that propelled it. He felt himself falling, and tried to turn his body to make the impact as painless as possible. Armin shut his eyes and yelled in frustration. Killua stood with his back to Gon, his hands shoved in his pockets. "Tch, these guys are lame," he said to himself, dodging one of their attacks. He squatted slightly and kicked the creature in the chest, sending it crashing into a building. He rolled his eyes as it got back up. "What does it take to get rid of them?" Removing his hands from his pockets, he sharpened his nails and lunged, reaching through it. It continued approaching him, slashing at him. Killua tilted his head and felt electricity surging though him. The Ripper screamed, falling to the ground and twitching. He grinned. "Laaame." His smile dropped when he heard a desperate yell. ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin felt warm. He opened his eyes sleepily, wincing in pain as he attempted to sit up. "W-what's going on?" he mumbled, glancing around the room. Aladdin blinked. The Rukh! "Wha...How?!" he cried weakly, making a feeble attempt to push them away. "These...can't be...the Rukh..." The golden butterflies ignored his protests, fluttering around him and filling him with magical energy. Instantly Aladdin felt stronger, as their power coursed through him. Regardless of how they'd come to be, they had restored his life energy. No longer could he feel his life seeping out of him. He let out a laugh, pushing himself into a sitting position. His laugh soon turned into a yell, however, as he spotted a lone Rukh flying apart from the others. A black Rukh.
  10. Is this still open for sign ups? I might join if it is!
  11. I may be alone in this, but amidst the chaos...here's hoping for some news on Ni No Kuni 2 at E3!

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  12. ~City Z~ Armin shot his gear, launching himself up to the roof of a nearby building. "Sailor Moon!" he called. "Come with me! You can blast them from up here!" Armin landed and turned to watch the battle. Panting a little, he watched the blonde. He had realized she may not want the newcomers to know her secret, so he left her out of the plan to give her more freedom to fight. Killua yelled, lunging at one of the creatures. "Ugly baaka!" he growled, sharpening his nails and stabbing it through the chest. Pulling his hand out, Killua punched it in the face, sending it flying into a wall. Another lunged at Killua from behind, without him noticing. "Killua!" Armin yelled, leaping from the roof and shooting his gear. He swung down and slashed its chest, and it fell to the ground. Killua gave him a thumbs up, and turned to help Gon.
  13. ~City Z~ Armin took a deep breath, glancing around at everyone. He met Gohan's eyes. "Yes, keep her safe," he said, nodding. "Killua, Gon, you two work together to keep them from getting past us." Armin turned to the other three."You seem to know these creatures, so you'll lead the attack. You don't need to worry if one gets past you, Gon and Killua will cover you. I'll be on the roofs of the buildings, using my gear to take them from above, while keeping watch for any more that come..." he stumbled. "That's all I got, if...if anyone has a better plan, I'm willing to hear them out." Killua shook his head. "There's no time to come up with anything else," he said. "It seems like a solid plan to me, I'm in." Killua turned to Gon. "Ready, baaaka?" He shot Gon a grin, giving him a thumbs up.
  14. ~City Z~ Armin and Killua walked over to join their companions and the new people. They glanced at the newcomers suspiciously, both having analytical minds. “I am Armin,” he said, then gestured to the white haired boy. “This is Killua.” Armin heard the girl shout about someone finding them. He looked up to see new creatures coming towards them. He and Killua readied themselves. “Great, first titans, and now these things,” Killua grumbled. “I like fighting as much as the next guy, but this is getting a bit ridiculous.” Armin nodded in agreement, pulling out his blades once more. ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin felt himself being lowered onto a bed. He let out a small groan, opening his eyes. “Why am I so weak…” he mumbled. “The rukh should have helped me.” He glanced around the room, searching for the golden creatures. To his surprise, there were none around helping him recover. “Are there…no rukh in this world?!” He was shocked. Even in this strange new place, he had assumed the rukh would still be around. Without them...Aladdin realized just how careful with his magic he would need to be.
  15. ~City Z~ Killua grinned, pumping his fist in the air. “That was nothin’,” he said, shoving his hands in his pockets. Armin laughed shakily. “I’m not sure it was nothing, but it was a bit easier than expected.” He turned to the group. “If ten titans had appeared back where I live, it would have given us a hard time, unless Eren was there to use his titan form…” He glanced at Serena to see her giving him an angry look. “I apologize again for throwing you,” Armin offered her, shrugging in a “what else did you want me to do” gesture. KIllua turned to Gon. “Well, that was exciting! Now what?” ~Serena Desert~ Aladdin was still breathing heavily at the difficultly of keeping all of barriers up. Usually he only kept one up around himself. He fell to his knees, resting his hands between his legs. He heard someone ask if everyone was alright. “Y-yeah,” he replied, his vision blurring. Aladdin was frustrated, it felt to him like the others were carrying him along, as he was constantly collapsing. He fought against the urge to pass out. “What was that all about?” he asked breathily.
  16. ~City Z~ Armin blinked at the vaporized titan, and glanced uncertainly at the angry girl. “Remind me not to make you mad,” he laughed shakily. “Good job. Let’s go help the others!” Armin ran towards where Killua and Gon were staring up at the three remaining titans, pulling out his second blade. (I think I’m counting right…) Killua glared up at the monster, nodding at Gon. “Roger that,” he pulled his hands out of his pockets and cracked his knuckles. Killua held his arms out and felt electricity surging through him. He leaped up at the titan and rolled across its arm, jumped onto its head. The creature let out a loud roar, to which Killua replied by sliding down its back and slicing through the nape of its neck. “Gotcha,” he said, falling to the ground with ease and returning his hands to his pockets. He heard a thud as the titan hit the ground. “You ready yet Gon? There’s still two more of these titans to take care of.” ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin fell to his knees, holding his arms over his ears as he fought to keep his staff held up. He cried out in frustration. His strength was fading fast, but he was determined to protect his friends. He saw Astro fall to the ground. “No!” he yelled desperately. Forcing himself to stand, he glared up at the Bat creature. I have to stop that sound! “Har Har Infigar!” Aladdin pushed his staff out, shooting a blast of fire at the creature. His vision blurred as the fireball flew towards it.
  17. ​~City Z~ Armin watched from the trees as Serena, Gon, and Gohan took out the titans. He was in awe of the boys’ powers, but the girl’s powers were nothing to scoff at either, even with her sometimes ridiculous behavior. He quickly assessed the situation. Six titans left… “Killlua!” he yelled to the white-haired boy. “Help Gon! I’ll aid Serena!” Killua glanced around, noting Gon and Armin’s positions. He nodded. “I’m on it, but call her Sailor Moon!” he paused. “Don’t ask why!” Armin’s brow creased. “Sailor Moon…well alright.” He searched the ground for her and saw a titan striding towards the fallen girl. He pushed off of the tree, using his gear to reach the ground safely. He landed running. “Sailor Moon!” he cried, grabbing the girl moments before the titan reached her. He threw her aside, mentally apologizing, and stared up at the titan. Focus… Armin shot his gear once more at the titan, whipping himself around to it’s neck. “One meter high…and ten centimeters across!” Armin slashed at the nape of its neck and blood spewed out, and the titan fell. “I-I did it.” He turned to Serena, his stomach unsteady. “Are you alright?” Armin strode over to her, sheathing one of his blades and reaching a hand towards her. “I’m sorry for tossing you but it was all I could think of. If you can stand, we need to help the others. Killua dashed over to Gon’s position. “Gon!” he called up into the trees. “There are still five of these monsters left, and I still haven’t killed one! C’mon, let’s have some fun!” Killua turned to the nearest titan, shoving his hands in his pockets with a catlike grin. "Hey, baaaka! You messed with the wrong people!" ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin followed the others outside and stared up at the owl creature. He noticed the owl-man had already attacked two of his companions. Holding his staff out, he called to the rukh and made separate yellow glowing, transparent barriers around everyone. “This will protect you from the feathers, but I can’t hold it for long! You can still reach through them, and they'll follow your movements!” He glared up at the creatures with contempt. He was still uncertain of their motives, and wanted to stay on his guard. So far they hadn’t shown any signs of being friendly. He readied his staff, already feeling the weariness of the barriers eating at his strength.
  18. ~City Z~ Armin watched in amazement as Gohan took out the titan. He wished it was that easy back home for he and his friends. “I-I’ve got to help…” he stammered, licking his dry lips. Armin shot his gear into a titan’s back and propelled himself up towards it, ignoring the thought that he had never killed a titan before that haunted the back of his mind. With a yell, he slashed his swords through its neck. Falling to the ground, he looked back up at it. “Too shallow…crap,” he groaned, his breath heaving. His heart was pounding like crazy. With a start, he realized the titan was reaching for him. Sailor Moon… “What a stupid name,” Killua huffed, running out of the city. He glanced up and caught sight of a huge humanoid figure, with an oversized head sporting a terrifying grin. Killua froze, his steps halting. “Those are titans?!” he yelled, raising his eyebrows. He looked to see a frightened Sere-uh, Sailor Moon pointing at him and mumbling about them eating Killua. “Baaaka, you can’t sacrifice me!” He turned to Gon. “These things are enormous!” Killua watched as Gohan shot at them, trying to lead them away from the city. It appeared to be like insect bites to them, as they continued walking. Armin has said they were attracted to people…that could be a problem. His attention was caught by Armin struggling against a titan. His attack had failed, and it was now grabbing for him. “Come on Gon, let’s go!” ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin sat in the house, his mind reeling. He watched as their three new companions ate jubilantly. The three who had helped defeat the snake monster, which had appeared out of nowhere, much to Aladdin’s shock. He had been knocked over by the creature and hit his head, making him dizzy and unable to fight. His brow creased as he realized he had no idea about the dangers of this new place. The rukh had been uncharacteristically quiet since he had woken up. Aladdin heard Astro again speaking of a ‘row-bot’ and listened in. He knew nothing about lasers and churros. One of the newcomers came over, handing Aladdin some food and a drink. Aladdin grabbed it gratefully, mumbling a thanks. He shook his head, warding off his confusion. He had faced weird stuff with Alibaba all the time. So why was this effecting him differently? He blinked, slowly drawing a realization. It was because his friends weren’t here. Determined to fix this feeling, he scooted closer to Bulma. “Are you okay?” he asked, checking on her from after the battle.
  19. I love Squirt, the little turtle I was never a huge Finding Nemo fan though.
  20. ~City Z~ Armin blinked his eyes. Within seconds his plan had fallen apart, before it had even began. “Uh…” he glanced at Gohan, his mind trying to process a new plan. “Yes, I’m ready. W-well, Titans are attracted to people. Unless they’re a variant type, which are unpredictable, we should be able to get their attention and direct them away from the city. If, uh, you can fly over them, we might be able to get them back towards the forest. If they’re near the trees, I…I can use my gear to fight them as well. It’s pretty useless on flat land though, unless I can latch on to the titan.” He crossed his arms, thinking. The ground shook from the footsteps, putting him off balance. “There’s no time to wait for the others! We need to go, now!” Armin pulled the trigger on his gear and shot into the building next to him, launching himself through the air onto the roof. Killua stared at the blonde girl in shock, pushing her hand off of his face. She had just magic-ed herself into new clothing. “Secret? You just listed everyone who is here, who do I keep it a secret from?” he asked, rolling his eyes. Killua bounced on his toes as the city shook again. “We need to go, I want to see these titans for myself,” he grinned, picturing a goofy-looking humanoid. “C’mon Gon!” Killua took off running towards where Armin and Gohan had been. ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin glanced at the ground in fear and mild curiosity. “W-what is it?” he asked, widening his stance. He held his staff out in front of him. “Astro, do you know what it is?” Aladdin thought of the things he had fought before, and wondered if it was something he had previously faced in his adventures. Knowing how odd this situation was, he doubted it.
  21. ~City Z~ Armin froze, his heart skipping a beat. "Titans," he mumbled, instantly reaching down and fiddling with his gear, checking that everything was in order. Killua turned to the blonde, curiosity on his face. "Titans? Didn't you mention those before?" he asked. Armin nodded, clicking a cylinder in place. "Y-yes, we fight them in my world," he said, his hands shaking slightly, from nerves or the footsteps he wasn't sure. "We live inside of these giant walls, in constant fear of being consumed by the titans. The Survey Corps, t-the group I'm with, are tasked with fighting the titans and going outside of the walls to face them. It’s reckless, dangerous, and many of us don’t survive. If Eren was here we’d be better off, but seeing as none of you have faced titans before we might be in trouble…” Armin turned to face everyone, a blade in hand. “They only have one weak point, if you strike them anywhere else they’ll regenerate. You’ll need to cut out the nape of their neck,” he said, pausing. He spotted a dirt patch on the ground and walked over to it, then began to draw with his blade. “Right here, and it’ll have to be long and deep enough.” He stopped, scratching his head with his free hand. He let out a nervous laugh. “Any questions?” Killua stepped forward. “So they’re huge, strong, fast, and the only way to kill them is this exact point,” he checked, in growing horror and fascination. “And you face these all the time?” “Not exactly all the time, but yes, I do,” Armin felt his face heating up. “My friends and I don’t exactly have a pleasant job, but we protect people. I don’t want anyone else losing their family to the titans.” He felt a bead of sweat trickling down his face. “We don’t have much time, judging from the sound of the footsteps we have a few minutes before they reach the city. Our first priority will be keeping the citizens safe. Any other questions? I think I have a plan, but…” he trailed off, waiting to hear from his new comrades. ~Sandora Desert~ “A kid…with a tail?” Aladdin asked. He tilted his head. “Nope! Since I woke up, I’ve only seen you and Astro.” He thought hard, but couldn’t remember seeing anyone else. He wondered if Astro had seen the tailed-boy.
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    Hey! Welcome to the site! Feel free to message me anytime. Cheers!
  23. ~Sandora Desert~Aladdin peaked out from behind Astro. He smiled at her apology. "Nice to meet you!" he laughed, his fear forgotten. "Where are you from? Is there magic there?" Aladdin was curious about the girl. Astro hadn't known about magic like his, so he wondered if she would understand. The more he thought, the more he realized he didn't know. How many people were like them? Who didn't know where they were, or why? In that moment, Aladdin set his mind on helping everyone he could. He let out a grunt of determination, clenching his fists.
  24. ~City Z~ Good assassin...Killua laughed to himself. He was really good at his practice, but he didn't think that was what Gon meant. “Ki sounds like Nen,” Killua said, raising his eyebrows at Gohan. “I’m glad you’re on our side.” Killua turned to Armin, who had just helped Serena up. “What about you?” Armin tilted his head, his mind reeling with all of the new information he had just heard. “Er, well, I don’t have any powers like you all do. I’m rather useless…” he frowned. “I can use my gear to move quickly through the air, but I’m not really good for anything.” “From what I’ve seen, you’re a quick thinker. We may be relying on your intellect,” Killua said, shrugging. “Don’t sell yourself short just yet. Armin let out a sigh, still thinking himself unneeded. “Guess we’ll have to rely on these guys, huh?” Armin asked Serena, who had mentioned being powerless as well. ~Sandora Desert~ Aladdin cringed away from the girl. “I-I’m Aladdin,” he mumbled. Aladdin noted how pretty she was, but also how irritated she seemed. He watched the fellow blue-haired person with a hint of fear. Angry woman intimated him. Aladdin decided to let Astro handle her and took a step back, allowing his carpet to wrap back around his head. He fiddled with the flute around his neck.
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