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Please note that this stream may contain spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Melody of Memory.
  1. I think there is an orichalcum material in the power proud event. But it's the only one.
  2. I used to be a Unicornis but due to some technical issues I had to restart from the beginning and decided to become a Vulpeus, cause I think they need the support. Name: Vaughn ID:2689252
  3. If Lea isn't shown doing much, or if every question was not answered,
  4. Good job, pats on the back and a toast to you.
  5. I'm surprised there are people here who are fans of Kamen Rider too. I love the suit designs, pretty nice updated design compared to Ichigo's bulky look. Also I haven't watched the original Amazon yet, so for those who have, was it always this....gorey?
  6. It's surprisingly easy to grasp. Sucks that I don't know what the story is though.
  7. Okay I'm at mission 314 in unchained, where I have to fight Cerberus in a boss battle, and I can't beat him. He's way too tough for me to handle. HELP!
  8. Wayne Allwine. Now this is not because of my bias for Kingdom Hearts or Disney. It's because he does a spectacular performance. He still keeps that loveable Mickey Mouse charm that we grew up with, yet I was legitimately surprised when I found out when he can pull off that voice sounding serious. You can't even imagine the shivers that went down my spine when heard him sound so pissed when he thought Goofy was killed. He pulls off the cartoony childhood character along with the scarred hardened warrior king (that happens to be the face of Disney) so well.
  9. Since Black and White people have asking, if not begging, for a Ruby and Sapphire remake cause Red and Blue, Gold and Sliver got remakes of their own. When this got announced, they're prayers were basically answered.
  10. I just now realized. After they showed all the regions up to 2013, the narrator says "It all comes together". What do they mean by that? Was that a phrase or....could they possibly be implying all seven regions in one game?!
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