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  1. I don't wanna get my hopes up BUUUUT... This tweet is from 2016 so it's quite some time ago, but I still think it's interesting Steve said this at the time. So maybe they're saying this under a non-disclosure agreement after all! But we'll just have to see
  2. i logged in to get my goofy avatar and got sent back to the beginning, so i did the quiz again with the same answers expecting to get goofy again, but got donald. then i tried the same thing and got yen sid. i wish this was a legit quiz and not a random character generator :(
  3. But i'm still seeing people above level 200 in the top 10 player rankings. Has the level cap gone up or something? Or are these still hackers? I haven't been on the game in a while since the hacking issue was just bothering me...
  4. Aw man, it's such a shame. Unchained Chi was the last app i'd expect to be hacked, and on such a large scale, too. It's blatantly obvious, so that makes me wonder why the situation hasn't been taken care of yet... or the accounts banned, at the very least. I don't understand why someone would want to hack the game; that just takes all the fun out of it I really hope the issue is resolved soon; I hate seeing the top 10 and union rankings be littered with hackers. Was this a problem in the JP version, too? I played it for a bit, but I never realized anything too out of the ordinary...
  5. I'm still interested in joining c: Currently level 122 and ranked 1,524 (and climbing). My ID is 11558 ^u^ Also, regarding the hacking, it's really disappointing to see that the game has only been out for a little over a week and it's already been hacked. It makes me wonder how one would even feel accomplished in any way by getting that far simply by hacking... it would make the game just boring. And it sucks for us honest players, too, so there's that... I really hope they'll put a stop to this.
  6. There's one question I do have sort of regarding this: what's with players being over level 200? Isn't 200 the level cap? These players also have millions of lux. The number one player in Unicornis right now only has one medal on their keyblade... my point is I'm guessing the game has actually been hacked. Probably from the beginning; I mean, on the first day there were already tons of level 200 players. It'd have to take quite a while to get that far that fast. The players that have somehow gotten past level 200 recently began popping up. So has the hack just been made public or have people always been using it? Either way, it's disappointing to an honest player like myself to see the union rankings and top ten be polluted by hackers. :c
  7. Sounds like my kind of party! The one I'm currently in definitely has quite a few unmotivated players (and by that, I mean they have gathered precisely zero lux). I'm Stxrry and I'm currently level 45, and I'm ranked 16,689 (I know it's low, but I'm determined to get myself closer to the top!); I'm still trying to finish up my missions (currently on quest 136) while also leveling up, but i'm planning on doing some grinding not too soon so I can level up some more! Despite my rather low level, I do manage to pack quite a punch with 42,371 power (and more once I buy myself a new medal pack)! I'd love to help out with maintaining that number one spot! I'm trying my best to rank up as much as possible with the time I have during the day! I hope you'll consider me! My ID is 11558. Hopefully by the time you'll see this, i'll have leveled up some more!Update: I am now level 101 and ranked 1,833rd! I've had quite a successful morning of training!
  8. Aw, I already joined Unicornis. I hope there's a party for that somewhere that I can join...
  9. If any European players speak English, they can still get it by making a North American apple account and just logging into it on their device! That'll automatically connect them to the North American app store and they can download the app! It's the same exact thing I did to get the Japanese version of Chi on my phone c: I'm sure there's plenty of guides on the internet!Here's the one I used (ios) : Just follow the same directions and make a North American account instead of a Japanese one!There's also an android guide by the same person, which I haven't looked at because I'm an iPhone user, but i'm sure it works the same way so I'll link it anyways! android:
  10. AAA OMG I'M SO EXCITED NOW!!! This probably means the rest of the Radiant Garden Gang will return, too! (And hopefully Tifa!) It'd be so amazing if they would add more characters, like Vincent or Barret! Since Vincent was going to be in Kingdom Hearts I originally. Ooh imagine if Gaia was a world! That would be so cool! :'D

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