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  1. I mean, that comment I made was harsh. But I mean KH3 is going to soon be joining that other FF game in the "10 year wait". No need to be so abrasive in response.
  2. >KH3 has the 7 lights vs the 13 darknesses >Lights totally beat down the darknesses, Xehanort completely "dies" >"Light" spreads all over the worlds>Yen Sid realizes there is "too much light" >Summons his Keyblade >Becomes hardest boss in the entire series. >Yen Sid is the "next saga">Profit. :cool:
  3. Exactly! I agree. I mean recreation is okay to a point...but for every single world? Olympus Coliseum being an exception, because of Cloud/Hades manipulation. I mean I guess the whole conjuring thing is like how Master Eraqus can summon those balls of light for the tutorial in BBS, just to a new extreme. ;D I still vote that MX had some involvement with Ursula, and it might be mentioned in KH3. (Maybe Ursula will be fought again, but this time in the swirling green stuff at Olympus) ;P
  4. To answer the actual question in the thread title:The team keeps pushing off Kingdom Hearts 3 for Final Fantasy and it is the lamest thing. Kingdom Hearts is LITERALLY MY MOST FAVORITE THING, but I'm so close to leaving it behind because of how much they've pushed it off. It isn't like "we need more time to make this awesome", because that'd be fine...But to push it off for other games (that I don't give a crap about)? That's lame and has lost the team some of my favor.
  5. Okay. I'll agree with you but... Why in the hell is Yen Sid not a warrior of light if he is so OP? ;-;Not to branch into another topic but, also, why wouldn't he have a keyblade? He wouldn't be the only old dude with one, and he wouldn't be the only Disney character with one.
  6. (This was taken from the Wiki, I'll emphasize the points from this I see fit. ) "Oh, he was right. Those wretched guppies are here." —Ursula After Riku and Sora head out on their raft from the Destiny Islands to begin their Mark of Mastery exam, an apparition of Ursula rises out of the ocean in her giant form following the sudden strike of a storm, shocking both Keyblade wielders. She reveals that she was revived again by "someone" who knew where Sora and Riku were, then destroys their raft and begins attacking them with her tentacles and magic. When Ursula is defeated, she used the whirlpool to drag Sora and Riku underwater and towards the Keyhole to Traverse Town. ------------------ I want to venture that while it could be debated whether she is real or not, I think Yen Sid isn't THAT powerful. If he was, he could just summon clones of all of the Heartless villains to do his bidding over and over again and just wreck the whole....everything he wanted, AKA Xehanort. Also, the link "someone" leads to Master Xehanort. Just sayin'. Also, Ursula is only 1 of 3 major examples I could think off the top of my head of bosses crossing over.
  7. Someone gets it! I haven't seen Tangled yet so I'm not sure about Gothel but it seems cool enough! ^_^ I think having these interactions isn't necessary , but it'd just be so friggin' cool. Especially when you get combos that match up with the world they're in. (Like the ones I mentioned in the OP. 3-Headed Dog among the Lions, Fire-Dude rising from the fire of another world) Or when you see personalities of villains from different worlds that matches/heavily differs.
  8. I want to see some kind of crazy s*** where you see villains from Disney worlds entering other Disney worlds (other than Pete and Maleficent). I mean if they were all able to meet up @ Hollow Bastion to hold meetings (All of KH1, lol) and...I mean we did see Ursula randomly appear @ the ocean of Destiny Islands in KH3D for no reason at all other than that she was revived by someone who knew where Sora and Riku were. So we know all of the Heartless villains are able to go to other worlds! I feel bringing back more communication between the villains and seeing this kind of teamwork would bring back an enhanced Kingdom Hearts 1 feel. Imagine Cerberus terrorizing Pride Rock, Hades rising out of the molten copper @ Hunchback of Notre Dame, and etc? WHAT BOSS CROSSOVERS WOULD YOU WANT TO SEE? PS: If there weren't boss crossovers, I'd at least want to see them all come together, I love the thought of that... Mickey's House of Mouse, am I right?
  9. Pride Lands - So much more could happen here. Lion King 2, anyone? Timeless River - Won't happen though. There isn't anything left to do. Jungle Book - It's been cut from multiple games now, just put it in the damn series, already! PotC - Even though the KH2 implementation wasn't the best, I think expanding on Davy Jones (as mentioned in an earlier comment) would be awesome! Pretty much all of the world's from BBS - The Magic Mirror fight was my favorite. We never saw much of the Queen, though. Maleficent isn't finished yet, she never is. There isn't much to see of her own actual world but maybe she could create her own? That'd be boss af. I think it'd be cool to have summons/keyblades from all of the old worlds that don't make the cut in KH 3.
  10. Was I the only one involved in Twilight Soul? It was a 2D Kingdom Hearts MMO from years ago, It was really amazing and had a lot of content. It was made using Eclipse + a lot of custom coding. It was the stuff. I was a moderator on there, I believe, if I wasn't I was a very seasoned member at least. That was years ago. The creators quit the project and took all of their resources with them. I tried taking the project and revitalizing it myself but they refused to hand over their content. Isn't it a bad idea to name a game after one of the worlds? Googling it generates results mainly about the actual in-game world. I vote for a name change! It'll get the game more attention. :PBeautiful game though.
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