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  1. In addition to many movies on this list, I am also looking forward to The Commuter, Pacific Rim: Uprising, Mission: Impossible 6, Fantastic Beasts: The Crimes of Grindelwald, and Aquaman.
  2. I would love to see a boss against Randall which has you jumping through many different doors, like in the movie. Plus, I think a boss against Randall would be fun since he is able to blend in with his surroundings.
  3. It would be nice if we could catch explanations to questions we have about the story.
  4. I'm not really all that excited for Star Wars: The Last Jedi (maybe because this one doesn't have the nostalgia factor that Star Wars: The Force Awakens had). However, I still want to see it, and I am expecting to like it.
  5. Now that we know that we can at least have five total party members in Kingdom Hearts III, I think that (as much as I would want Spider-Man to be a party member) both Iron Man and Captain America should be the ones to partner up with Sora & Co. They are the two main leaders of the Avengers and two of the most popular Marvel superheroes, so I think that it makes sense that it would be them. However, the other Marvel superheroes could still assist during the battle (like how the other Hercules heroes helped defeat the Hydra in Kingdom Hearts II, even though they weren't in the party).
  6. Even though I think that KH2's final boss is the best boss fight in the entire series, my favorite final boss is Ansem in KH1. I love the design of the World of Chaos and how you have to defeat it piece by piece.
  7. My favorite Mickey moment is when Mickey saves Ven from Vanitas in Birth by Sleep.
  8. Before I begin, thank's for responding to my questions! It did help me understand what you meant. You said, "I meant that Braig could have been poking fun around the fact that 'These days everyones got a Keyblade' because he knew that at some point many people at one point in time had Keyblades. He could have been subconsciously referring to a time that 'Everyone had Keyblades'." I still think that that's a bit of a stretch, but it does help me to understand what you meant, so thanks for your response! You also said, "I meant from this conversation here. Lauriam: 'So what should we start with? Skuld: How about we decide the Unions? Ephemer: About that, i actually want to keep going for awhile without dividing up each Union. Brain: Hu~h Lauriam: I see. Don't these reactions feel a little suspicious to you? (Like i said though, its only an assumption. Thats why i said 'almost')" Ok. That makes more sense now. But no, I don't think that their reactions seem suspicious. They seem to just be reacting out of shock to what Ephemer said. After all, Ephemer did just basically say that they should not follow the rules for a while. Brain even said to him after he explained himself, "It was written as law that we are to divide them up, though. You think it will be okay?" This response of his makes me think further that he was just shocked to hear Ephemer suggest that they break the rules, and I think that all of their reactions were nothing but shock that he would suggest that, including Skuld's reaction. You also said, "He already knew Ventus's location? Are we talking about 'after' KH1? Cuz the conversation with Zexion and Xigbar from what i can tell takes place before the events of CoM or even KH1 ( as Xigbar states he found Marluxia, and at that time he was the newest member)." Yes, I think he did already know Ventus' location, because he said to Zexion about Castle Oblivion, "That's where he'll find his other 'friend.'" You also said, "Also keep in mind that Xigbar seemed to Not know much about CO within this conversation with him saying 'What new facility? Oh you mean Castle Oblivion right?'" On the contrary, he seems to know a bit about Castle Oblivion within this conversation. He said to Zexion, "The Chamber of Repose is part of a pair. The Chamber of Waking is the other. Another graveyard, if you want to call it that. It was constructed by someone other than Xemnas himself. And that's where he'll find it." So not only does he know that the Chamber of Waking was constructed by someone other than Xemnas, he also knows that it is located in Castle Oblivion. However, you do bring up a good point. It is possible that Xigbar learned all of this from eavesdropping on Xemnas. However, I don't think that Xigbar learned it by eavesdropping on Xemnas while he was in the Chamber of Repose, because as Xigbar said, "Couldn't hear what they were saying." You also said, "What if this was how Terra Xehanort found Aqua in the Realm of Darkness? He did it through Aqua's empty armor?" I actually never thought of that. You might be on to something. However, it is also possible that since Terra was able to talk to Aqua because his heart had ties to the darkness, Xehanort was able to highjack the conversation since his heart was part of Terra's heart at that time, which also means, if this is what happened, that it is more likely that Ansem found out where Ventus was instead of Xemnas, because Ansem had Terra-Xehanort's heart within him while Xemnas did not.
  9. As long as Union χ doesn't contain information that is crucial to understanding Kingdom Hearts III, I don't think that this will be a problem.
  10. Kingdom Hearts III 1074.0/358.00+0.000 Final Chapter Final Mix HD ReMIX & Knuckles Featuring Dante from the Devil May Cry Series
  11. I don't follow your logic here. I don't see how this could be taken in that way. To me, it seems as logical as someone saying, "I am so tired," and someone who overhears them saying in response, "You must be referring to one of the other times that you were tired." Plus, usually, when Xigbar/Braig refers to something from his past, he is very clear about it. For example, "You don't look like you're half the hero the others were," or, "Of all the faces...Why do I look at her and see yours?" This quote doesn't seem to have any implications at all that he is referring to something from his past. It might imply that he has been around long enough to know of a time when even fewer people had a Keyblade, but that's it. However, if I am missing your point, could you please tell me what you meant? I actually believe that he is too, or at least that he will try too. In Back Cover, Gula talks to Ava about what is written on the Lost Page. He says to her, "It contains a passage about an inevitable betrayal. It talks about, 'the one who bears the sigil.'" I personally think that this is foreshadowing a betrayal in Kingdom Hearts III. I think that one of the foretellers' mistakes was thinking that the Book of Prophecies only foretold what was going to happen in their lifetimes. If part of Luxu's mission was to find a worthy apprentice to pass "No Name" down to, and for Luxu's apprentice to do the same so that the Master of Master's eye could see the future, that would imply that the Book of Prophecies foretells far more than just the events leading up to the Keyblade War (I think that becomes more apparent since the Medals and the worlds we visit were both created by using the Book of Prophecies, and the Medals and worlds showed us characters that did not exist yet). If that is true, then the final entry in the Book of Prophecies must be foretelling another world-ending event that hasn't happened yet (this might also imply that the Master of Masters left some stuff out of the Book of Prophecies, since apparently, the foretellers were not aware of there being more than one world-ending event). I think that this is also backed up by the fact that, in many of the Kingdom Hearts III trailers, Young Xehanort is reciting the final entry in the Book of Prophecies to Young Eraqus, which seems to imply that Young Xehanort does not think that the world-ending event has happened yet. So, if the Book of Prophecies foretells more than just the events leading up to the Keyblade War, then it is extremely likely that the inevitable betrayal is yet to happen (unless it happens in Union Cross). And I think that the betrayal is likely to come from within the seekers of darkness, especially since many of them already bear a sigil, the Recusant's Sigil, in their Nobody names. One of these Nobody names is Xigbar, and since Xigbar/Braig has shown many times that he is suspicious that Xehanort is hiding something, I think that he will be the most likely one to betray Xehanort. However, I don't think that he will be the final boss. Either he will try to betray Xehanort and fail, or he will seem to succeed, only to have Xehanort return in the end. What "almost" confirmation are you talking about? I can see a possibility, but it is not even close to being confirmed unless I have missed something. And if I have indeed missed something, could you please tell me what it is? Except if all Xigbar wanted was to find Ventus, then he had no reason to ask Zexion about the Chamber of Repose, because he seemed to already know that Ventus was in the Chamber of Waking, and finding out more information on the Chamber of Repose would not have helped him find the Chamber of Waking at all unless Xemnas was talking about its location in the Chamber of Repose, which he apparently wasn't, because no one has found it yet (as far as we know). Two things here. First, as you pointed out a few sentences earlier, wasn't Xigbar asking Zexion about the Chamber of Repose because he thought that Zexion did know something that he didn't know, specifically what Xemnas and the mysterious other were saying inside of it? Second, I don't see how anyone could be Brain. If Ventus and Lauriam existed at the time of Union Cross and haven't changed their identities, why would Brain change his identity to Braig or Ienzo? I mean, there are definitely reasons for a person to change their identity, but since Union Cross was all like, "Look! It's Ventus!" and "Look! It's Marluxia as a human!" it doesn't seem like it is trying to hide who these characters are or that they existed at that time, so why wouldn't it do the same thing with Braig or Ienzo if one of them was a member of the new Union leaders too?
  12. I think we have to see how they are using the DK property in Super Mario Odyssey. If DK ends up showing up in that game (which I think is a possibility), then I say DK could be a main character in the next Mario & Luigi game. However, I am not sure if I would want that. I would have to see how they use him in the game. Maybe in the next game, they introduce him as a secret boss, and then in the game after that, they make him a main character.
  13. Terra->Ventus->Aqua is the only character order I play in Birth by Sleep.
  14. I would love to see a Gummi Ship rollercoaster in a Disney park! Maybe they could also have a Sea Salt Ice Cream stand next to it!
  15. Boy, has it been a while since I've made a Kingdom Hearts theory. I love to make theories, but I haven't seen anything that has gotten me thinking in a long time. However, now that we have gotten that new tweet from Nomura himself, along with that sweet, sweet artwork, I finally have some new ideas that are not just theories, but also some questions that I hope spark some discussion. But before we begin, there will be spoilers for Kingdom Hearts Union χ[cross].
  16. I haven't seen a whole lot of people talking about this. I was beginning to think that I was the only one who noticed this and thought that it was significant. However, I didn't know what it could mean. It didn't occur to me that the logo appearing could mean that the introduction to Union χ was over. That actually makes a lot of sense.
  17. Even though Keyblade Graveyard is my favorite Kingdom Hearts world, I think that Destiny Islands would make the best world. The world is iconic and is Sora's home, and since Sora would probably be the playable character from the Kingdom Hearts series, Destiny Islands makes the most sense to me.
  18. I am honestly not sure how much longer it will go. It seems to me like there is still a lot of story to go. We still don't know what is written in the Union leaders' journals or how the World is rebuilt (if Square-Enix intends to show us that at all). Also, to my knowledge, we haven't found out what Maleficent was talking about in the secret ending to the browser version. Not to mention that we still haven't gotten to the Keyblade War (if Square-Enix intends for the Keyblade War to be played in Union χ and not just in the browser version). Granted, all of this could be covered in just a few story updates, and because of that, I think that Union χ will most likely be done before Kingdom Hearts III is released (at least the Japan version will be). If not, I think that it will continue only a little bit longer after Kingdom Hearts III is released.
  19. I have never really understood why people get so worked up over stuff like this. If you don't like it, who cares? It's just a game. It's not like you need the game to live or something like that. And while I understand that it can be really difficult when you are a fan of something and it disappoints you, what does it matter in the long run? I have let myself get worked up over trivial things, such as movies that I was looking forward to being bad, in the past, and I have found that I have a much more enjoyable life when I don't let fictional things, such as bad movies, upset me. Not only that, but I have actually found that when I look at things, like games and movies, from the perspective of the creators, I can appreciate what they made a whole lot more. For example, let's look at Birth by Sleep. You could look at Ventus having the same appearance as Roxas and say, "This is stupid! It makes no sense! Why would he look exactly like Roxas? This literally ruins everything!", or you could look a little deeper and, after finding out why Nomura wanted Ventus to look like Roxas, say, "So that's what Nomura was going for! I understand now! That's actually really interesting and makes a lot more sense than I originally thought." True, you may not end up liking the reason once you find out what it is, but if you open up your mind a little bit and think about what the creators were trying to accomplish, it is a lot easier to understand what the creators were going for and appreciate what they made, even if you wish they made it differently.
  20. I personally like the final boss of KH1 more. I love how they strip you of Donald and Goofy at the beginning of the fight, leaving you to rely on your own skills as you fight Ansem once again. Next, after Ansem is defeated, you have to destroy multiple sections of World of Chaos, reuniting with Donald and Goofy along the way. Then, by the end of the fight, you have to face Ansem one more time, and this time, since you have Donald and Goofy back, you take him down easily, making yourself feel awesome and powerful. After all of this, you are treated to a cutscene of World of Chaos exploding. That being said, while I like the final boss of KH1 more, I have to admit that the final boss of KH2 is the best boss fight in the entire series. Also, overall, the entire ending is just way more fun in KH2, in my opinion. When I replay the boss fights that come before the final boss fight in KH1, I am just trying to get through them all in order to fight World of Chaos again. The boss fights that come before that one, (with the exception of the one-on-one fight against Ansem on Destiny Islands) are just forgettable to me. However, in KH2, every boss fight leading up to the final boss fight is not only memorable, but fun to play. So, while I like the boss fight against World of Chaos the most, I have more fun playing the end of KH2.
  21. I don't think that Square-Enix would have announced a release year unless they were confident that they would be able to release Kingdom Hearts III in that year. It was shortly after this announcement that Nomura said that we will see all of the worlds revealed before the game is released. Therefore, I think that it is safe to assume that Nomura wouldn't have said that unless he was confident that all of the worlds could be revealed before the game releases in 2018. Yes, past Square-Enix games have been delayed, but that doesn't mean that all of their games will be delayed. And even if it is delayed, I don't care as long as they give me a good game. As far as how many worlds there will be, we were told that Kingdom Hearts III is going to have less Disney worlds than Kingdom Hearts II. Kingdom Hearts II had twelve Disney worlds. Let's assume that Kingdom Hearts III has just one less Disney world. That would mean that there would have to be nine original worlds in order for there to be twenty worlds total. I doubt that there will be that many original worlds. Kingdom Hearts has always had mostly Disney worlds and a few original worlds in each of its games. Assuming that trend will continue in Kingdom Hearts III, it seems very unlikely to me that it will have more than fifteen worlds (I personally think that it will have around ten worlds, give or take a few). Yes, at one time we were told that there would be more worlds in Kingdom Hearts III than there was in Kingdom Hearts II, but that interview was a long time ago, and plans can change.
  22. Kingdom Hearts 1 Sora has my favorite outfit. I like the Disney-ness of it.
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