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  1. Hey guys sorry i haven't post something in awhile Here you go dA post : http://fav.me/dbod17n
  2. now that you mention it, you're right ! Thanks aww you're too kind ^ - ^ i agree for kairi and namine i feel their eyes is little bit too big, for xion tho can't really tell maybe the face?
  3. Kats Seventh

    15th Anniversary

    dA : http://fav.me/db4iuiy
  4. Fan art that i made to celebrate 15th anniversary of Kingdom Hearts Deviantart : http://fav.me/db4iuiy i hope you like it !
  5. Hahaha Thanks! took years to perfect it still learning tho! Thank you so much! Really appreciate it I'm not so sure.... Thank you so much ! Not a master yet tho.... still a long way to go
  6. Kats Seventh

    Sora Guard Form Sketch

    hi rez http://fav.me/dazyx8v
  7. The New screenshot look so exciting ! deviantArt : http://fav.me/dazyx8v Bonus : http://fav.me/dazq92x :
  8. Thanks, i tried to learn his style for a long time now i'm glad you liked it
  9. Kats Seventh

    KH II.8 Chrismas

    on dA: http://fav.me/datsil2
  10. Intended for the competition but sadly i ran out of time Congratz on the winner though ! and after i've seen the all of the submission, there's no way i'm going to win. on dA: http://fav.me/datsil2
  11. Little quick sketch that i do before i go to bed
  12. aww you're so kind, the key is to practice!! i have thousands of pages of failed drawing X3 but my friends also helping me through constructive criticism....
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