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  1. Noctis is a terrible choice. 1-Ray Chase already voices a prominent character in Kingdom Hearts. 2-Nomura's vanity will cause him to regurgitate his god-awful Versus XIII design and emo personality. As if he didn't butcher the cast of FFVII enough. No thank you.
  2. How much are the Moana avatar boards? 3000, or 2000? I've got 8000+ jewels lol, so...I'd like to get everything!
  3. I don't post here much anymore, but I just wanted to add that I am thoroughly impressed and would like to lend a hand with it.
  4. It's not like Japan or China don't "Asianwash." En masse. Look no further than Attack on Titan or Fullmetal Alchemist. And those, right out the gate, you can smell the bullshit off of them. This? Not so much! Trailer looks solid. I only have two complaints: 1- Aramaki shooting a guy. Aramaki doesn't go out into the field. He's a bureaucrat, and the best damn one there is. He needs to stick to his thing. 2-Batou's eyes are really tiny. It's a little jarring.
  5. What's the catch? Is it another stupid score attack, or even better, an EMC? Because goodness knows we don't get enough of those...
  6. Just play them in the order of when they were released. 358/2 Days especially makes no f*cking sense if you didn't play KH2, yet they bundled that one with 1.5.
  7. Since there are no English options, obviously I can't make any solid comments. What I can say, though, is that the framerate improved significantly. It's not 60fps, but it's otherwise buttery smooth. Haven't noticed any slowdown or pop-ins anywhere. Likewise, the controls feel all around smoother and more responsive - for example, Noctis doesn't actually feel like a freaking tank this time around. Graphics are a little bit wonky though. I've noticed some funky anti-aliasing stuff going on with the hair. Izunia and Gladio are the worst offenders as their hair ends up looking kind of like a sponge, or styrofoam. Or polystyrene - whatever! Combat is...well, the same as it always was. Love it or hate it. What does disappoint me though are the guns. When you want to play it safe, they definitely have their uses, but the lack of movement mid-fire and their insanely weak DPS really make them stand out as the crappiest weapon category. Here's hoping that giant sniper-rifle from the promo shots will pack some needed oomph in the actual game.
  8. It doesn't matter what the question is lol. Everyone who votes will regardless see it as "Who's your favorite Organization member!?"
  9. *sigh* Okay. Trump is president. It's not so bad people. First off, Canada's borders are open, provided you can maintain a steady career and income. If not, there's always plenty of booze and drugs. Now, me personally (as a medical expert...or at least close to one with a master's), I can't condone harmful crap like stimulants or pain-killers. Even alcohol, I say drink with careful moderation. Personally, I prefer a glass of Macallan 12 year, though I've been accused of having expensive tastes in scotch. That said, psychedelics with minimal physiological effects, like LSD or shrooms, come with my highest recommendation. Poses no dangers to your body, they aren't remotely addictive, no adverse side-effects, and are powerful enough to make everything feel like oblivion. I imagine they'll both be in high demand come tomorrow!
  10. To all our family friends outside the US, I am truly sorry for this wibbliest and wobbliest of shitshows in the last century.
  11. People are talking about "hell"...like really? That's a word you hear every day in sunday school, children.
  12. Formal Minnie for me. Just need like 700 more jewels, so this is pretty awesome.
  13. Too ambitious for PS2...lol? Dude, how many Ace Combat games did we have on PS2?
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