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  1. Benjamin Mcqueen

    How do you feel after todays KH3 showcase?

  2. Yugioh DSOD or Lego Batman
  3. Benjamin Mcqueen

    What do you think will be the final words said in KH3?

    The 13th seeker of darkness, after killing Kairi, and setting up the plot for the next game... "It's not true! It's bullshit! I did not hit her! I did naaaht."
  4. Benjamin Mcqueen

    If you could tell or ask Sora one thing, what would it be?

    "It's a me, Italian Xehanort!" Oh yeah, and "Sieg Zeon!"
  5. Benjamin Mcqueen

    What Movie are you looking forward to this year?

    Ready player one, halloween, IW, Aquaman... A bunch of stuff. Mostly RPO because RX78-2 and it's potential to gain popularity (please I just want a good live action Gundam film). Halloween because the slasher genre needs a revival an I the halloween franchise is a great ways to bring it back. All the superhero stuff is obvious.
  6. Benjamin Mcqueen

    What kind of Star Wars game do you want?

    A game where you make your character and travel the galaxy. You can be a bounty hunter, rebel, imperial, gang member, jedi, sith or pretty much whatever you like. Each different kind of character and job alters the plot and it would have equal emphasis on plot and gameplay.
  7. Maybe in a spin off game, I'd like to see some first person gameplay. But never in a main game
  8. Howl's moving castle as it seems like the most interesting and unique setting out of the bunch that would work in KH3. Spirited away is a close second though.
  9. EVERLASTING DARKNESS Kingdom hearts is the perfect title.
  10. Benjamin Mcqueen

    Dissidia Disney/KINGDOM HEARTS-Character Roster Ideas.

    Yeah, They are pretty good.
  11. Benjamin Mcqueen

    Which dragon would be the most fun to ride?

    Slifer the sky dragon! Or Tohru....
  12. Benjamin Mcqueen

    Arrowverse: The Bat.

    Pretty lit. Started going off on a ramble towards the end but pretty cool.