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  1. Disappeared 8.82% This community's lack of taste definitively confirmed.
  2. ......Okay. It's not in the lineup... Soooo...what exactly is the purpose of this post? So we know it's not gonna be there?
  3. What about the Disney+ shows? They're also a part of Phase 4. In fact, WandaVision is apparently mandatory viewing for Multiverse of Madness.
  4. You know you're thirsty for content when you have to go rifling through Archer for references...
  5. Halo 2 was excellent. Not just a great shooter, but a great sci-fi game period.
  6. Daredevil by miles, though The Punisher and Luke Cage were damn good seconds and thirds.
  7. You don't have to clear the game to gain access to garden of assemblage. Likewise, you don't have to clear the AS's to clear the game. Total number of new bosses is 20, but post-game bosses is 19. This poll specifies post-game, yet it doesn't have the correct number.....which honestly doesn't surprise me lol. So 20 will have to do. If we count Sephiroth, then 20 is the exact number.
  8. Uhhhh......no lmao? It's a bloody skeleton key. By this logic, anytime you see a skeleton key it's *GASP* it must be a reference to Kingdom Hearts!
  9. No matter how many figures they make (or medals they add to UX), it's Tetsuya Nomura who needs convincing that Final Fantasy is still a part of KH...
  10. Dunno why everyone is so excited about the playable characters... Riku was like the most boring, barebones thing ever. Aqua was literally lifted straight from 2.8. And Roxas looks to be even more barebones....
  11. Why is everyone voting for the characters we KNOW 150% will be playable.....
  12. These kinds of polls are interchangeable. You can literally just have it as "What is the best ______?" and "I have never played/watched/experienced ______" will always be the top vote. That's the sort of place this is...
  13. Your weekly reminder that Final Fantasy is still a thing in Kingdom Hearts. Supposedly.
  14. There's something really evil about that place. But all said and done, I wouldn't mind a vacation there!
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