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  1. Your weekly reminder that Final Fantasy is still a thing in Kingdom Hearts. Supposedly.
  2. There's something really evil about that place. But all said and done, I wouldn't mind a vacation there!
  3. Why isn't Wilson Fisk on the poll? He already has an MCU presence...
  4. Yeah. That's gonna be a "hell no" negatory. This isn't even worth 50 cents, let alone 3 or 4 dollars.
  5. Just a weekly UX reminder that Final Fantasy is still a part of KH, as much as Nomura repeatedly tries to ignore it exists....
  6. ......What's there to think about? Nomura already confirmed the DLC will be about her...
  7. That program was also stupid expensive considering it was only like 30 pages and was mostly just interviews and screenshots.... I got it as a gift from a friend who went to the LA concert last time, but I wouldn't spend that much on it if my life depended on it.
  8. Too little too late. This is little more than a band-aid. I've long since moved on. It's still the same game with all its downright glaring issues.
  9. Gamer's Joint? Seriously? Please no. God no. Anyone but that freak.
  10. Really wish the fights were 1-on-1 instead....
  11. 1-I don't think the children on this site watch GoT. 2-I didn't vote because Viserys isn't on the list.
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