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Ven was there with Roxas the whole time

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Actually the real reason he can dual-wield is because of the simple fact that he is Sora's Nobody, and Sora has that ability because of Ven. The rule is one Keyblade per heart, and since Sora is carrying both his own AND Ven's, he can have two Keyblades. So in an indirect sense, yeah Ven is technically lending his Keyblade to Roxas, but only in the sense that he's technically giving it to Sora. As Sora's Nobody, Roxas has access to all of Sora's power, even the dormant powers Sora hasn't tapped into yet by that time, like Dual-Wielding. It only got awakened in Roxas due to absorbing Xion's power...which was technically his anyway, but anyhow, Xion's demise managed to trigger Roxas' hidden strength so he could summon both Keyblades that both he and Sora had access to. Ven is only involved in a really indirect way.

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Ventus is a second-hand part of Roxas because he is a part of Sora and Roxas came from Sora.

Although Ventus is the source of the double wielding, it was Sora he lent his wield to and thus Sora who lent it to Roxas. 


I'm confused by the claim that Roxas double wields with Ventus's keyblade though, I thought Ventus's keyblade was the wayward wind. 


I like the thought though and the art is fantastic. Roxas having more of Ventus's identity than Sora's is a great idea for an AU fanfic. 

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