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TBH it's a really great piece of art! The only thing that bothers me a bit it's the text. There's something about it that it's not letting me read it completely well... maybe it's the saturation of forms in the background but anyway CONGRATS as it is a really great cover :3

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That's ridiculously good! Really wish I had submitted something now that I know that this was a thing.


As far as how KH has affected my life, it is essentially one of my core ingredients, leave out Kingdom Hearts and you essentially have a incomplete me on your hands. It really helped me cope with the prospect of making a life for myself after me and my family moved away when I was 10, though I didn't really start playing the series until I was around 12 or so. Still, I don't move on from huge sudden difficult changes that easily, so even 2 years in the move was still affecting me (not to mention, middle school always helps in trying to find reasons to be a miserable tweenager), so KH really became an outlet for me to be able to get by day by day as I slowly acclimated to my new home. By the time I was in high school, I was already pretty much obsessed with the series and hung on to every announcement, and shamelessly bought every Final Mix that was available. I discovered the Sonic series around that time too, and it's just as essential to my spiritual makeup as KH is, but KH to me truly represents this idea of being grabbed out of a comfortable life and thrown into a strange unfamiliar world that still has the potential to result in a wondrous amazing adventure filled with possibilities, learning experiences, and new friends waiting to be made. It also kind of became my gateway into the Fandom scene in general, so because of it I've opened up to other series and fan communities as well.


In short, Kingdom Hearts really helped me expand my world, which I feel is fitting for what the series is about. So while I may not get to say this to Nomura directly, I can at least have a chance to give my gratitude to Yoko Shimomura, as KH has also helped lead me to seek out video game soundtracks, and I just can't not have any KH music on my phone at any time (tho it'd certainly be nice if they would just put them all up on iTunes already. It'd be nice to actually support these artists with my money for once AND it would be a much more convenient method of accessing them than having to get a new downloader app every year or so xP).

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Wow, this looks amazing! I'm glad that this is being done, SHIELD! This is a great way to thank Nomura for the awesome experience that has been Kingdom Hearts!


As for how Kingdom Hearts has affected my life, well, it's helped me by teaching me valuable lessons of self perseverance and overcoming insurmountable odds! The story of the games has been inspiring for me, and the value of friendship, what a heart is, and the true meaning of being a person has definitely influenced my life. I identify myself a lot with Riku because of the struggles he endured. After his battle with his darkness, he went through a lot of self doubt and self loathing, which I experienced in my Junior High years. At the time, I was insecure about myself, and I had doubts about myself and I didn't have a high opinion of myself, ya know? But looking at Riku overcome his darkness and own it made me realize that I could overcome my insecurities and self doubt, and I've become a better person for it! Of course, I've made lifelong friends and become a better person in general thanks to this amazing series! It's definitely a significant part of my life, as I cannot live without Kingdom Hearts, ya know?


For even in the deepest darkness, a light shines within! :D

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