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There's something happening to Aqua that doesn't really fit with the theory that she's a Nort: her upper arms are turning black, as though she's becoming a creature of the darkness or something. We haven't seen this on anyone else who's become a Nort, even Xehanort himself. So I still have a feeling that she's not a Nort, and that she's becoming something else instead, maybe something even worse.


Heck, maybe she'll end up being the final boss. No way to know for sure until the game comes out.

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I know when Riku got possessed in KH1 his look started to change as well. Vanitas also has a weird look to him, though he's not technically possessed (or was not, this whole plot can be really confusing and contrived a lot times  :lol: ). So I think:


Either A. Letting darkness in or being overwhelmed of darkness is worse for Keybearers in general or it just causes them to have that look. or B. She was possessed by Ansem instead, which would probably technically mean she was norted or Vanitas which....might have the same results? who knows, or C. They just found the design cool and kept it and it don't mean anything or D. Something we don't know of yet and is impossible to guess cause this is Kingdom Hearts and they like to make things up as they go along. 

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