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  1. The only perk in being a Master is getting insider information and not being being left out on matters.
  2. I wouldn't try it since critical mode is killing me at olympus as is without playthrough challenges.
  3. Ephemer = Yen Sid? Same hair color and both are full aware about the War.
  4. Most likely during Dream Drop Distance, the outfit Sora had during the game drew in darkness plus Sora remembering Aqua and Terra. THere's also the matter of Ven's heart that may also be part of the trigger for Vanitas to revive.
  5. Not sure but since we see the other members of the original 13 making an appearance maybe one of them? Also someone posted a what looked like a trailer for 100 Acre Woods for KH3 but it might be fake.
  6. Can't be since she met Ansem after KH2 events.
  7. Makes sense although it wouldn't surprise me if the Master of Masters does a Kagura from Naruto and revive himself.
  8. Didn't Xehanort mention about one of the three on Mickey's list of guardians being a seeker of darkness in dream drop distance? He never said which one though.
  9. That new trailer showed Riku's Keyblade broken. What sort of Keyblade will he use now?
  10. Good question, it may be possible but also I wonder if King Mickey and Riku's preparations are Keyblade Wielder specific.
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