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What's your Favorite Gameplay Feature in KH3 thus far?

What's your Favorite Gameplay Feature in KH3 thus far?  

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  1. 1. What's your favorite gameplay feature in KH3 thus far?

    • Links
    • Keyblade Transformations
    • Attraction flow
    • Wall running
    • Keyblade Switching
    • Keyblade leveling up
    • Environment/World size
    • Underwater magic
    • Flowchain
    • Something else? Comment Below!

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It's always really hard for me to say what I'm looking forward to most with this. But I have to say Flowchain since it's something that I've always loved from it's previous incarnation in Dream Drop Distance of Flowmotion. That kind of movement has always been fun to me.

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The Keyblade Transformations, leveling up, and switching all sound quite fun! I'm no stranger to level grinding and since I'm planning on playing my first playthrough on Proud Mode, I will be doing some serious level grinding. So that leveling up Keyblades while doing so could be fun and make use out of all of them.

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