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  1. ReMind is literally going to blow my mind! How on earth will I make it until January? It's trailers like this that show why this is my favorite video game franchise.
  2. RAX are my favorite, but Sora, Donald, and Goofy are a very close second. All the trios have their positive points throughout the series for sure.
  3. The memes from all this will be intense. Kingdom Hearts was already such a meme heavy franchise, now it's going to go crazy!
  4. When ReMind does launch be it December or January, I'm going to take a leave of absence from the internet just in case I don't get it early. Spoilers will be everywhere again and I want to discover the truths for myself :D
  5. I defeated Data Lexaeus and Zexion. Only Xemnas and Axel are left. I also managed to take out 5 bars of health from Lingering Will before he killed me :D
  6. Soul Eater with Way to Dawn a close second. I think I like Soul Eater just a little more because it's not a Keyblade and made Riku feel unique when using it as a weapon. The other two weapons just aren't as iconic with Riku. The Keyblade to hearts is more iconic for Sora stabbing himself rather then Riku's weapon. Though I'm liking Braveheart. Did anyone else think Oblivion was Riku's Keyblade at Hollow Bastion on their first playthrough? I sure did. Only when I actually looked at the Keyblades designs did I see they were different ones XD
  7. I defeated Data Marluxia, he was fine. Only Data Axel, Zexion, Lexaeus and Xemnas are left. But I'm saving them for a later time. Right now I'm reading the 358/2 Days Novel. It's very insightful so far.
  8. NBC of course! It's a true classic and one of the best animated movies out there. Perfect for Halloween and Christmas.
  9. Now that Ive been fighting the KH2 data battles I can't wait to try the ones in ReMind. What will they bring to the table? How frustrating will they be? So many questions. I want ReMind to get here already.
  10. I wasn't sure the pause trick was going to work. I usually suck at pause tricks. I have nightmares of the pause trick on Yellow Devil from the Mega Man game series. When it did, I was so surprised because I never had even seen the animation for what happens when Sora does Luxord's game properly, (despite playing vanilla KH2 for years) Then I just fired a lazy Blizzaga at him for the win XD
  11. I defeated Data Luxord and I totally cheesed his mini game with this pause trick. Funnily enough this is the first time I ever got Luxord's game right. All the other times on regular, I do whatever turn into a dice and wait to turn back. But I heard you can't do that here and win. Afterwords I defeated Data Xigbar. Nothing too special about him.
  12. Thanks! Since then I've battled and defeated Data Saix, Xaldin, and Vexen. Honestly after Data Roxas, the rest just don't seem all that challenging. Data Vexen was probably the hardest of these three with his uber cheap antisora, but even then it didn't take me a entire day to learn how to deal with it like Data Roxas.Just fly from one side of the field to another, and when it and Data Vexen are separated, wail on the mad scientist. I kinda felt bad for Data Saix. He was actually super easy, probably the easiest of the data org I've done so far. So that's 6 of them down now. While some of them still feel cheap, it's obvious to just keep doing them until you find a way solution. I'm certain the strategy I used to defeat Data Vexen is not the correct pro-gamer way of defeating him. I really got lucky at the end too. But I have to say I like the data org challenges more then the Hades paradox tournament, which I always felt was tedious.
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