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Funny thing I thought about the series

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So funny story. My first game was 358/2 days and the whole time I was playing I though that Roxas was Sora but he had been kidnapped and they erased his memories and dyed his hair so he wouldn't know. Imagine my confusion when Re:coded came out because then I thought that it turned out that Sora was actually from a digital dimension. I only had a ds at the time either way so it was really confusing.

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On 1/31/2019 at 8:17 PM, LunaCatte said:

I have to say, KH3 has actually done a pretty phenomenal job of helping people understand the individual elements of the story as it goes through, especially with a story as complex as this series. They really wanted to make sure ANYONE could pick it up and enjoy it. Though, yes, it is going to be pretty confusing still.

I agree! I think they did a great job of giving new players the resources to understand all the lore. That being said, I'm really grateful they actually put in all the callbacks and tied up so many loose plot ends of the prior games, even ones like COM and Coded. It would have been easy to ignore large portions of the spinoff games, especially with the time gaps. It was a wonderful reward for all the time we've spent with those characters! :) 

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