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Rare Enemy perk for Gift Shadows regardless b/c there is a chance, but I went over this w/ some people that work on KHUx news and translations and got informed about the wording of Item Drop Perk.

There are some Heartless that aren't guaranteed to drop items, which is what it helps w/ rather than anything about rare alternatives.

My outfit does have both, but w/ the two sets that have both, I just use the one that prioritizes in increasing the appearance of rare enemies.

That Sparkler is just random w/o perks.

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first is str +1000 x2, ground -60, air -60, and extra attack (with something like str +2000 for the pet trait)

second is basically the same, but do str +1000 x3 and get extra attack for the pet trait

third is full raid, even the pet trait

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New weeklies, though

One RB could get you those four lux weeklies and multiplayer can get you some others while you wait to grind more.

Login bonus + dailies as well=400 to 600

Plus, we get a new multiplayer Board tomorrow, so that's another 480 jewels.

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