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Kingdom Hearts Re:coded

    Original release date: 10/07/2010

Kingdom Hearts Re:coded is a remake of Kingdom Hearts coded, released on the Nintendo DS in Japan (October 7, 2010), North America (January 11, 2011), Australia (January 13, 2011) and Europe (January 14, 2011). 


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    • By Power Jusho
      What is your favorite world gameplay in Kingdom Hearts Re:coded?
    • By Anthony Clement
      I've been working on a personal project, and I need a video showing all of the typical commands you can get through the Matrix! Anyone that can help me or point me in the right direction will be heavily appreciated!
    • By DChiuch
      Kingdom Hearts coded is a mobile puzzle game that was released exclusively in Japan on November 18, 2008. Kingdom Hearts coded would be followed by an HD Remake released worldwide on the Nintendo DS as Kingdom Hearts Re:coded. 
    • By Mykaila Shakespeare
      [This title may contain spoilers.....I want to not care about it, but a warning is necessary. It contains events from the previous titles. Please read at your own risk]
      We follow King Mickey, Donald, Goofy, and Jiminy Cricket as they try to uncover the mystery behind the missing words of Jiminy's journal [of their first journey with Sora] and the mysterious message found in it's blank pages. Using the technical means to uncover it's secrets, they create a version of Sora, made of data, to help them destroy the bugs found in the journal and hopes to find a way to solve the mystery of the strange message.
      So um......this is my least favorite in the series. I mentioned in my 358/2 Days review that I prefer that over Recoded and here are my reasons why.
      (KEEP IN MIND THIS GAME IS SUBJECTIVE AND ALL OPINION. SO PLEASE TAKE THIS ALL WITH A GRAIN OF SALT. NEVER TAKE MY WORD FOR IT. Also, I am kinda scrambled with this review., so I apologize for this not being as organized LOL)
      What catches me the most is story for all the games in the series. However, I feel this story in ReCoded is just a repeat of the first game but with a twist. It's going to the same worlds mostly that felt a bit boring to me. I felt like there was nothing new to show me but near the end is what is interesting (will eave it at that). 
      Gameplay is not my forte and not my favorite. However, it is the most bonkers I have seen....I actually mean in a good way. In this entire game, they switch up different kinds of gameplay depending on the world your in certain situations. For example, one world would allow you to having regular KH gameplay (action JRPG) to turn-based in the next world. If you guys want a KH game that is not receptive with the same kind of gameplay, you might enjoy this. Not great as KH2, obviously, but very interesting. 
      I also realized that I was not a huge fan of the platforming. It felt too frustrating to deal with these cubes to jump on only to keep falling off I'd rather much prefer to deal with Deep Jungle's platforming over this any day....a solid opinion I know some of you may disagree on LOL
      There were even some bosses where I just want to pull my hair out. 358/2 didn't have many fun bosses either, but at least I still have my abilities. Some bosses require you to be good at the sudden changes in gameplay (which some do not access healing). 
      As for me, that goes for both DS titles, I don't find it worth looking for extra content. 358/2 in terms of gameplay is kinda dull enough to not have the energy to do any extra stuff. Recoded gave me TOO much it overwhelms me to not want anymore. Fun fact y'all, I have some sort of disability (PDD-NOS) that prefers to be repetitive and not have massive change. Recoded is an example of that in gameplay. When I learn gameplay in a game getting a hang of it only switch it up entirely in another segment or world, it is frustrating to learn again. It is like a very long tutorial and here we thought KH2's prologue was tedious LOL that being said, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't satisfied with some gameplay....it's complicated LOL
      As I mentioned, I am not fond of the story....but the movie version made it watchable. Yes, it is still boring and I feel you could skip a whole chunk. However, one of the more (and only) interesting moments were the ending scenes. 
      There is a moment where it gets plot heavy in terms of supposedly a lore dump that is displayed only in the movie. We are introduced to some mcguffin known as the Book of Prophecies and that is all we get that actually leads us to KH3.
      We also got the time in Castle Oblivion. I think this is one of my absolute favorite sections in the movie....not the game per say. It gives some sort of lesson on the meaning of hurt. This is what Kingdom Hearts does right no matter what it is and that is emoting. I like that Nomura is willing to give at least a sliver of emotion in some way.  I find it worth pondering understanding about hurt. It is especially impactful when he displayed his thoughts on hurt as he conversed with Data Roxas. This, I think, builds up on the kind of trial Sora will face in KH3. 
      One more to add is the appearance of a new character in the last secret cutscene in the movie. I'll leave it at that and say he is quite mysterious and is the seed that on to everything I think.
      [_SPOILER END_]
      That being said, this is still my least favorite game in the series. The game is just an excuse to play KH1 again on a portable console and I am not a fan of instant change in gameplay. However, I cannot diss it entirely either. Many fans found good things about it more than 358/2 days and I see why. It just speaks differently to many. I actually do not hate any of the games. This title just doesn't speak well to me LOL (that and playing of the DS like this is hurting my thumbs enough LOL)
      I kinda feel bad not putting too much effort to this title in terms of drawing it. But, this proves my point how is pretty much the same game with some glitches (if ya catch my drift). All it is is just photoshop work. That's really it LOL
      WORRY NOT THOUGH! I got Dream Drop Distance to cover up in December. Maybe some X timeline stuff along the way between December and January. Please stay tuned y'all!

      This link leads to a folder with the rest of the posters in my project
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