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  1. The story and characters. I've been a fan since I was in elementary, and now I'm going to college soon. Kingdom Hearts became a great part of my life. Because of this series, I met a lot of good people in the fandom. I relate to the characters so much (especially to Riku) and I've learned that we should believe in the light to defeat the darkness within us. (I know it's sound so cheesy but it's true) Whenever I feel sad, I'll just play KH2 or KH RE:COM. Those are my comfort games.
  2. Aside from KH3... FFVII Remake Dragon Age 4 The Last Of Us Part II Life Is Strange 2
  3. I'm playing KH 1.5 + 2.5 and Tekken 7! I'm also planning to replay Dragon Age: Inquisition
  4. I am still mad at him because of what he did. I can't believe he did that to the person who commited suicide. It was so disgusting and disrespectful. His apology video is not enough, he also did many inappropriate things in Japan! Making obnoxious, stereotypical acts (Like yelling and running in a Temple, throwing a Pokemon ball to random people) He is just so stupid and impolite.
  5. I'll try to be more positive this year. I've been through a lot last year, And I'll probably play all the KH games again and buy new games!
  6. Everything related to KH3! Especially when they announced the release year!
  7. Happy New Year guys! May our hearts be our guiding key ❤

  8. January - February: I bought and played KH 2.8! I didn’t go to school for 3 days just to play this game. ? March: We attended the Moving Up Ceremony in my former school (it's like a graduation in Junior High School) I had a great time with my friends! We just talked about crazy stuffs! And that's the last time we bond each other! April: Nothing special happened. May: Me and my family went to a resort! It was fun! June-July: The showing of KH3 Trailers and the release year!! That’s one of the best moments in the KH Fandom! August: I went to Asiapop Comic Con and it’s my first con I ever went! I met friendly people there and took a lot of pictures with cosplayers! Oh and this is the best part, I met my fave cosplayer and we took a picture! September: I went to an Amusement Park and rode many rides! Lol I felt like I was a kid again! October: I’ve joined a Tekken 7 Tournament in our school! It was super fun even though I didn’t won! Also, I bought Tekken 7 and relived the nostalgia! November: I bought a concert ticket to see Paramore on Feb 18, 2018! December: I reunited with my long time best friend! Few years ago we had a misunderstanding so we didn't talk in a long time. We forgave each other and we became close again! Despite all the negative stuffs that happened to me, 2017 is one of my best years.
  9. Favorites: KH 2.8, Tekken 7 (these two were the only games that I bought this year :\ ) I don't have least favorites tbh...
  10. I agree his KH2 voice was his best work. Yeah his voice in DDD/0.2 was high pitched lol, but I think we're not yet used to it.
  11. Thanks for the optimism. I really need to hear those words and I never told this to anyone in school. It's a relief feeling because someone finally understood my situation. Thanks again! I really love this community!
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