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  2. Mupstun

    General Chat

    Well you won’t be falling asleep that’s for sure! Lol @ConnahDC
  3. Mika

    General Chat

    Huh? What do you mean? 👀
  4. @Mika did you get to my convenience store guy?!
  5. nah man, that keyblade has multiplier slots on par with a shiny fairy stars after you fill up the subslots, and it's only at +5 this thing is gonna be busted
  6. Fellow mod BioRoxas made a great one
  7. Ayyyyyyy that's still bomb tho 👌👌👌
  8. OH WAIT Groundbreaker was the one I was referring to. Falling Slash is still 👌👌👌 tho
  9. ConnahDC

    General Chat

    must be nice ill be watching endgame after not sleeping for 30 hours.
  10. 😩👌👌👌👌👌👌👌
  11. I love the ability where you push the circle button in an air combo, and Sora just slam dunks the enemy to the ground Falling Slash
  12. Simply put, personally I agree with many of your points. I don't think post count should count towards discord topics, while it's nice for people who care about that sort of stuff, I agree with you that if it's a random forum-esque post, it should be treated like one and not be put towards someone's overall content count. As for the social tab and statuses I pretty much agree with you there too, in fact I feel like the social tab being drowned with posts from discord extends beyond statuses too though, regular forum topics and posts get easily pushed down because of it too. Now here's where I disagree: I don't think any of us were ever worried about statuses replacing actual discussion, so it was never something admins or mods disliked, in fact I think it was a great way to prompt larger discussions from taking place, so again I'm for tweaking them in such a way that they're given the focus they had pre-update. As for square vs circle I feel like that really comes down to personal preference. While I prefer square myself, I can also live with circle, and for me it's not a deal breaker lmao. All in all, I would just say we're always open to feedback and it's great that you guys are voicing it. Trust that we've brought some of these things up in the past ourselves, but also understand with the discord and forum bridge there are still a lot of kinks we're working out.
  13. IT always feels nice to do that honestly,lol..
  14. I can never remember half of those names
  15. and, whenever it's a group of enemies, Sora does the buzzsaw instead
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