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Kingdom Hearts III demo is not planned for public release, but will be available at Tokyo Game Show 2018


Famitsu recently interviewed Kingdom Hearts series director Tetsuya Nomura at E3 2018, who talked about topics such as gameplay elements of Arendelle and The Caribbean and the upcoming release of the Kingdom Hearts III recap videos in Japanese this month.


He also talked about the possibility of a public demo release for Kingdom Hearts III. (Translations are courtesy of @Keytotruth.)

Q. Please tell us more about what's going to happen with KHIII. Like, are there any plans to distribute some kind of trial or demo?


Nomura: Both a trial and a demo require a lot of production work, so we don't have plans to release any. However, Japanese users will get to play it at the Tokyo Game Show.


So I hope your expectations are high to try when you get to try the new KH. This time, I'm really sorry to make you wait a little longer for the release. But now that the release date has been set, we just have to move towards it with all our strength. We will only make you wait a little bit more.


What are your thought on there not being any plans for a Kingdom Hearts III demo release? Do you think the Olympus and/or Toy Box demo will be available at other gaming conventions apart from TGS 2018? Let us know in the comments!


Kingdom Hearts III releases on both PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on January 25, 2019 in Japan, and January 29, 2019 to the rest of the world. You can now watch the latest Frozen trailer, Square Enix E3 Showcase trailer, and Pirates of the Caribbean trailer!

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Thanks for sharing this with us, Aquaberry! :D


Ah, so a public demo won't be released then, huh? Well, that's okay! To be honest, I'm fine with that, and like Awesome Sauce said, with 0.2, there's really no need for a KHIII demo! I'm more than content to just watch the trailers and read up on any new info that Nomura and his team release in the coming months! We're gonna zero down to just six months of waiting soon, so it's no biggie! :)

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Unpopular opinion: KH3 demo edition;


Though I did fortunately get to play the Kingdom Hearts III demo at E3, I think it's extremely unfair that you have to buy a $60 game (with a game that launched at $40 and is even cheaper now and a movie that anyone can see anytime on YouTube), especially with the fact that the current KH3 demo is very easy to use and launch with. It is a decent length, doesn't give too much gameplay or story (the one at E3 was even shorter than the one at the KH3 premiere) and  it's fun. It would especially boost the market for Xbox gamers who otherwise would NEVER pick up the game. 


I don't want to be a blind fanboy to KH, so I'm definitely questioning this decision. It's just that no KH demo to date has been done and Nomura even said the team didn't need the extra time in January and that it was a marketing decision. A month to rework the current E3 demo makes complete sense.

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