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Kingdom Hearts III has become the best-selling game of the series in the U.S.


According to data assembled by NPD, North American sales of Kingdom Hearts III have exceeded the sales of any other games in the series, making in the best-selling game in the franchise in the country since the first game released in September 2002.

Kingdom Hearts III has also been ranked the best-selling game of 2019 in the United States for the period ending March 2019.

In Japan, Kingdom Hearts III has sold over 795,473 copies, and seems to be the best-selling game of 2019 in the country so far.

Back in February, Kingdom Hearts III became the fastest selling game in the series, with over 5 million copies shipped in its first week of international release. Click here to read more statistics on the game!


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Kingdom Hearts 3 definitely deserve this. It definitely needs to be recognized of how great this games is despite it's flaws. Well deserve and this is a great sign for more Kingdom Hearts games in the future!

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This is fantastically amazing news! I'm so happy that the game has gotten such an overwhelmingly positive reception! This makes me so happy for the future of the Kingdom Hearts series! Thanks for this awesome update, Aquaberry!

This behemoth of a game deserves all the praise it has gotten, and it deserves the attention it's gotten and the sales it's had! Long live Kingdom Hearts, and may our hearts be our guiding key as we look forward to more in the future! :D

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Disappointing, i feel it doesn't deserve this honor, kh2, and 3d are far superior games, kh1, and bbs are also better story-wise. Sadly i gave into the hype so this is partly my fault.

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