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Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition PS4 Slim and Top Cover announced at TGS2018!


Today at the Tokyo Game Show, Square Enix of Japan announced a new Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Slim console, with a brand new design on the top. It was on display next to the Kingdom Hearts III Limited Edition PS4 Pro model that was announced at E3 in June.




@ShenVenitas on Twitter)


The bundle is available in both the 500GB model for ¥33,890 and the 1TB model for ¥38,980. Both versions are now available for pre-order at the Sony Japan Store. It releases on January 25th, 2019.


The top cover is also currently available for pre-order if you decide not to purchase the actual console for ¥3,500.


What do you think of the PS4 Slim and Top cover? Let us know in the comments below!


Don’t forget to stay up to date with KH13 for updates on the Tokyo Game Show 2018! Coverage of the event can be found on our Twitter, Tumblr and Facebook pages as well as our coverage article here!

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Well guess if have to trade my current Playstation. Nah but i will definitley buy that one (if it comes out in Europe) when i need a new one which will be in about 10 years but still

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What do I think? I think they should just hurry up and announce both the Slim and Pro versions for the U.S. and other western audiences right away because GOD DAMN IT SQUARE, HOW CAN I GIVE YOU MY MONEY IF YOU WON'T LET ME!!??

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I hope this doesn't mean the west gets the Slim version only. The Pro makes it so much more worth buying... The last time a KH-themed PS4 Slim came out, it was only for Japan, so here's hoping they at least keep to that trend, but give us the Pro...

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