Kingdom Hearts wallets, wall art and apparel from Spencer's, Hot Topic and BoxLunch available now


A whole host of Kingdom Hearts merchandise has been revealed in the past two weeks. You can view them in the gallery below.





The first item comes from BoxLunch, who have released a Kingdom Hearts stone bracelet with the symbol of the Heartless on it. It’s available to buy now for $12.90.


Spencer’s have released two pairs of Kingdom Hearts themed socks for $9.99 each. One pair has the Heartless symbol adorned on it, whilst the other has the Kingdom Key, a heart and Sora’s pendant on it.


In addition to that, Spencer’s have also released a Kingdom Hearts seatbelt belt for $29.99. They have also released a snapback cap for $26.99 and a zipper wallet for $24.99, both featuring the Heartless emblem.


Hot Topic have also released an online exclusive wall art of Sora, Donald and Goofy. It costs $15.12 and is available now.


Finally, Hot Topic have released some Kingdom Hearts male pajama pants for $19.90, available exclusively online.


Will you be buying any of the new products? Let us know in the comments below.

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Thanks for informing us about this, George, and welcome to KH13! I see you're new here, so that means you decided to come into the fold as a member of the staff, eh? Good luck with your new position! :D


Dang, all this merchandise looks awesome! I'd love to get myself the pajama pants, the wall art, and the seatbelt belt! I'd get pretty much everything, but those three are the most awesome looking things out of the merchandise here! Ooh, and that bracelet! :D

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Oh man I wish the shipping costs weren't so high for the UK I wouldn't mind getting that t-shirt especially as it's 30% off right but $38 for shipping is crazy

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