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  1. WHATS UP GANG! Long time no see! (Kept forget p-word) But I'm back, I've also been working on a book! 5 chapter done!
  2. he's not bad better then vexy or xemxem
  3. TWILIGHT TOWN! or twtnw TT reasons: hayner, there's a train, beach, pretzel, beating up seifer and stealing his totally awesome vesty thingy, its nice looking, namine twtnw(aka the world that never was) reasons:ORG.XIIII!!!!!!!!!Saix, crashign vexen's lab, laughing at riku when he lok like an old guy, stealing xigbar's guns, and baking with dfemyx! ^^
  4. yesh it would be so cool but it'd most likely be part of disney
  5. lolz funniest stuff to come from me yet lolz! H9kMfJ3ikNw
  6. wow ran out of breath typing what?
  7. yeah it was me and so'kay lolz thanks ti was oaky
  8. As some might know today is my B-Day I'm now 14! YAYS! though i might share that!
  9. saidem, saix and demyx in other words, because it makes nop sense saix is a harda$$ and demyx is laidback
  10. what clip shows aquas armour and xemnas?
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