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Everything posted by Nick

  1. Yo man how goes it. Been forever

  2. Nick

    Yo how goes her

    1. Iris


      Dude, it's been forever. I'm hardly on here lol just message me on discord.


    2. Nick


      Sounds golden then mate lol not on here much either 

    3. Nick


      Name is Dooms66#3906


  4. Nick

    How goes it man

    1. Aaron


      Good Nick. How are you? I like you're display picture!

    2. Nick


      Doing well. Enjoying 1.5 2.5 remastered. And thank you☺

  5. "We'll break his legs" lol

    1. Nora Valkyrie

      Nora Valkyrie

      And eat pancakes too!

    2. Nick


      Don't forget her love that is meant for the pancakes either.

  6. 0.0 wow I been on here for almost 6,out of the 7 full years this site has been up for. That crazy:P

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    2. Yuya Sakaki

      Yuya Sakaki

      Oh great. ANOTHER Oldie. >_<

    3. DChiuch


      Welcome back Nick :)

    4. Nick


      Lol yes Yuya, get used to it, this oldie likes it here@_@. Hey DC, thanks:P

  7. Chris Benoit!!!!!

    1. Nick


      Sorry first time back on in months, but no WWE wrestler Chris Benoit, or Christopher Michael Benoit as his real name. The WWE company loves giving him hate and all for what he did years ago. yet he was a very good Canadian

    2. Nick




    3. Nick


      lol ah okay


  8. Work hating the freaking snow (yet I live in canada) and netflix that's mostly it.
  9. I got Kingdom Hearts 3D Dream Drop Distance Mark Of Mastery edition bundle, And it is gorgeous.

  10. I miss all the old friends I made on here since 2009, truly do, but I'm also glad I made new ones though:(

  11. If the world is made of light and darkness... We'll be the darkness.

  12. Hey, been awhile since I was on, what's new?

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    2. Nick


      Most likely not anytime soon cuz I work for a laundramat place andmy job there is to wash dry and roll mats and that is rough on the hands

    3. Ruby Rose

      Ruby Rose

      Bleh- that's no good @.@

    4. Nick


      yeah, but it makes good money,

  13. Merry Christmas people!

    1. Kaweebo


      Happy Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and Festivus.

  14. Go Home Life You're Drunk!!!!

  15. Because a remoteblade would be to weird. If you could have a slave, who would it be?
  16. Thong type of guy. if Marluxia, Vexen and xemnas were all drowning, what kind of sandwich would you have?
  17. Because it was shop night, Why does Roxas like Namine?
  18. Kinda missing old friends from the site years ago, and the old idea. Things sadly change and can't help it.

  19. Zombies to kill. People to meet. And friends to make as always.

  20. Since the first day I joined, I was never exactly a friendly peoples person, but I was always someone that alot of people liked to talk to and do rpg's and random games on here with. As well as joy and smiles (to some people in my mind at least). And even though I lost a few really good friends, I'll always make new ones.

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    2. Anonn0000
    3. Anonn0000


      You have fun too now <3

    4. Nick


      Alright Yeah well glad to hear and your welcome and will do!

  21. My Little Pony Equestria Girls is a really good movie!!

    1. Snow


      do it hav duretos

    2. Nick


      no but it has dogs, really cute face moments, and catchy as hell songs

  22. Had my first smoke in almost 2 years, thanks to a friend. it was good:D

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    2. Nick


      Why, it is not your life to control or judge

    3. Demyx.


      Ok. Mr. Serious Pants.

    4. Nick


      Only saying truth, besides smoking is nothing to shame about.

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