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  1. I hope this will come true. I want to see KH in full length 3D movie.
  2. Of course I want to bring him back and fight against him!! He's one the best videogame villain ever. I want also to bring back Cloud and even Zack. We still didn't know what happened to Zack after the incidents in Birth by Sleep. And we still didn't know what happened to Cloud and Sephiroth after KH2.
  3. Sora had already done that but it's only through Data Sora (RE:Coded) As for the topic,I agree with Sirenixkey. I think it's possible to Namine to have a heart of her own and to live on her own personality just like what Roxas having the chance to be on his own self. But it doesn't mean that she can be Princess of Heart. She can have her own heart and it's already confirmed who are the 7 Princesses of Heart.
  4. I watched most of the vids especially those important cutscenes and the secret ending.
  5. I think it's not that bad having Kairi fights with a keyblade. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qDa_fpkxuL8 http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=O6fH351uHWw
  6. Probably he is the Mysterious Figure from Birth By Sleep.
  7. Me too kinda 'lil disappointed. How about the others that already have their Days and Re:Coded? another same copy. It's kinda wasting money. Unless the Days and Re:Coded in 10th year anniv. box has something special that makes it different from the first copies of Days and Re:Coded. Something like secret bosses, secret keyblades, or at least new scenes that never revealed from the older Days and Re:Coded, sth like that.
  8. what can you say about the KH Days and KH RE:Coded? They release it in NDS. @topic, I want it to be in PS Vita. You know, it's good to play KH in 3D (KH 3D in N3DS and if possible, KHBBSv2 in PS Vita which has 3D capabilities just like N3DS)
  9. How about Reapers from TWEWY like Minamimoto and others? I hope they also in KH3D. I have decillion reason why I like reapers hahahaha!
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