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  1. Eh pá podias dizer que és português :D

    1. Shera Wizard

      Shera Wizard

      Hey olhar miúdo, eu sou português também está bem: D

  2. Cuz that's what he does, and we can't think of anything else.
  3. And Sora ate it, hoping to see his so var manly-
  4. Just to make it clear, I liked the post because you hade a good night =3
  5. Not to self: Never start a thread about sexuality on this forum.
  6. In 10 years to have a game like Sword Art Online is utterly impossible. For any machine to run the game it would be necessary to have the processing power of a really powerful quantum computer. And, well, The guy above me already said, more or less, how a quantum computer should work, even though I believe they're doing it wrong. In either way, to create a quantum computer with our current technology, it would be needed a facilty by the size of the LHC. And there aren't many people that can have one of those at home. Considering that the scientists have yet to figure out how to make a quantum computer work, and that this will take at least 20 years (remembering that each day we learn something different about these particles, making it even harder) there are still vary many years until these things can actually be taken to people's homes. And yet, these computers will be GINOURMOUS (aftar all, we are talking about particles traveling at the speed of light). Sword Art Online is pure fantasy. HOWEVER! In 2 years there will be enough hardware technology to create games like The World (dot.Hack series), and if it goes well, in 15 or so years there can be virtual reality games like The World available for us to play at our houses. But this tech, as far as I know, is as dangerous as the technology described in both series... So... God knows. =P
  7. If persona 5 is going to be a sequel to P4A, I'll be very disappointed... The thing about Megami Tensei and Persona is that direct sequels are only made in spin-offs. And since Persona has become a series of it self, It should proceed on this way too. The 1st Persona Animation Series is enough of a sequel... Even being a terrible sequel...
  8. Well, first of all? The only good CoD game is the 1st Black Ops. And, God's, I'd be so happy if these journals were attacking Activision in the right way. But in this war, none of the sides have any principles what so ever... And this is sad...
  9. What's going on? I haven't turned on the news lately...
  10. SCREW THE RULES, I HAVE GREEN HAIR. Millenium Rod or Millenium Key?
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