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  1. thankyou. My first game file has 400 hours of gameplay (i left it on a lot c' but i got through almost everything. after i beat the game, i had a lot of fun actually just getting to level 99, and getting those extra keyblades.
  2. Hes going on about how you don't need to use magic, but if you're actually playing the game in a higher difficulty mode, then it would be quite hard to not use magic. Magic and summons makes the game a lot easier, so hes just probably not using common sense and using new magic skills when he gets them edit: oh my is he slow. The game isn't that linear. you can go back to any world whenever you want. sure the story like follows one path, but it doesnt mean you can't go back. jeez.
  3. Then don't worry about it. It'll come with time.
  4. I'm not really mad, it's just a year and some time ago when I joined this site it wasn't full of this asshatery.I remember when we used to actually talk about Kingdom Hearts and not about our pathetic lives.
  5. Seriously...? 1. you tell your parents to suck it the firetruck up that you've gotten older and changed. If they don't believe you prove it. 2. You don't. You just do what you do.
  6. Deathskull, quit your firetrucking bitching. You were born into a family with a shitty brother, in your opinion. No need to try to get sympathy and get people on your side for this. If you don't like him, ignore him. You won't have to talk to him when you move out of the house. SK3, I don't know anything about your family, but the way you're acting, I'm assuming you're the older brother with no one else other than you. Like I said before, don't talk to your brother. It's clear he does not like you, and you do not like him. Also, you're his brother. Not his parent. You cannot disown a sibling. Then again, I have no knowledge on this topic, so I am just speaking form a whim. Personally, I am the little brother in my family, and the relationship we have seems similar to this situation. Seriously, though. You just went to a site about a video game to rant about your brother. Get a blog, or some shit.
  7. Just thinking about the game play of it on a controller makes me excited! I hope it happens!
  8. 1, It was no ones job to bring MX back to LOD. Terra went looking for answers, therefore going after MX. Aquas first mission was to get Ven and bring him back, never to bring MX back. 2, The thing is, she knows Terra very well. When she encountered him a couple times, he acted kinda shady, (to my memory) 3, I don't understand what you're trying to say here http://kh13.com/forum/public/style_emoticons/default/smiley-confuse.png 4, Ven wanted to go with on an adventure, and not left behind because he was too "young" I got back to my second answer. He was acting rather shady from my memory. Terra did not want to tell Aqua anything, due to her being a keyblade master, and himself, not. The game overall was something that you had to look between the lines to understand.
  9. Well, summons were really a waste of your drive. Seeing how D-Link had its' own power-bar, so you didn't have to waste your shotlock. It was also a lot better than having only a few skills to choose from, (summons) as to a full deck of skills and two finishers (D-Link) To whoever wants something new, Seriously? How many game do you know have D-Link Out of all things. It's unique, and it's an amazing feature that probably contributed to part of its rating.
  10. None of the above. The sentiment is his WILL power.
  11. Are you kidding me? ._. 1. Remeber when you had to fly out of that tower in Agrabah? Yeah. 2. Why would you even ask that... He had a big role in the second visit to the Wild Lands (soorry if thats not whats its called, havnt placed KH2 in a while) 3. It was one of the rumors. They needed it to make the begining more "fun"
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