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  1. The trailer was great but did anyone else see the part where xehanort appeared behind the kh2 version of sora and riku. Was that from a past game because i never saw that part before its most likely a new cutscene from this game.
  2. I hope they stay true to sony with the numbered titles and i have a ps3 lol and a lot of fans may be dissapointed if the moved the numbered title to a new system.
  3. In KH3D and KH3 i think we could possibly see a younger Master Xehanort because he will probably be ressurected in his prime and become stronger also because i think i heard this was the guy who voiced MX in english versions last project (i think his name is Leonard Nemoy excuse me if i spelled it wrong) and that would be the onlly way i can think of to change his VA i also think it will be interesting to see a younger MX.
  4. I actually like to read peoples input i havent made one of these theorys mysellf but i mean its not like u cant ignore the things if u dont like it dont read it.
  5. I think BBSv2 will take place when mickey and riku were in the realm of darkness and between when sora was asleep but from rikus point of view and I think he might be the main character.
  6. It wont be that great and i doubt it will be more powerful than 360 and ps3.
  7. I want a HD remastered version of kh1 and kh2 on ps3 with extras and whatnot. All on one disc like they did with god of war.
  8. Yea in the VS is in the char files after you beat him it says vanitas remnant in files.
  9. Put up mine sheilds and squres when he gets too close do not block just roll and if u happen to be under him or he shows and opening use tornado it takes off half of his health.
  10. Mega flair is crap against bosses and zack is easy if u have once more.
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