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  1. Aside from Fire Emblem, I also started playing Tales Of Vesperia: Definitive Edition on my PS4 a few days ago, and I'm really enjoying it!
  2. I love how each of these duels really encompasses the ideologies of these characters or just their raw emotions. Makes me wonder how Episode IX's duel will play out, if there is one!
  3. Oh yeah, for sure, though Sora is already quite beloved and popular even without this accomplishment, ya know?
  4. These are all splendid ideas! For me, honestly, I'd love to see the Caribbean, Halloween Town, La Cite Le Cloches and The Grid return the most, since there's still so much that can be done, story wise! For the Caribbean, definitely battling against Blackbeard or Salazar would be a thrill! For Halloween Town, I'd definitely love to get the chance to team up with Jack Skellington again! And honestly, original stories can be created for the worlds that don't have to follow the movies, ya know? As for La Cite De Cloches, I just want an excuse to visit this world again, since Hunchback is one of my favorite Disney films! For the Grid, we still have the whole Sora and Tron arc that was left unresolved, since Sora doesn't know if Tron fully restored himself to the way he was, ya know? Also, I agree that the 100 Acre Wood should return!
  5. Thanks for showing us this, Aquaberry! I saw this earlier on Instagram, and it made me so happy to know that KH won a Guinness World Record! Well deserved, and here's to even more success for our dearly beloved franchise down the road!
  6. Yessss, that would be pretty awesome! And then there's also Oswald, who's yet to be added! Yes, I definitely get what you mean! Oh yeah, it'll be interesting seeing the new Xigbar/Luxu dynamic, knowing he's older than we thought he was!
  7. Hmm, I honestly don't like that direction much. But oh well, what can be done? Interesting! I've never played that game!
  8. Started playing Tales Of Vesperia last night, and I gotta say that I'm enjoying it so far! :D

  9. It's wonderful when theories like these come together, because it just leaves room to the imagination to really concoct possibilities!
  10. I honestly didn't miss the Nightmares in KHIII. Sure, they would've been badass to include, but ultimately, they weren't needed, since we didn't need to go to the Realm Of Sleep.
  11. I did not notice that! D: I know, right? Honestly, to me, it's a very close resemblance to the Kingdom Key!
  12. Ha, I see what you did there! XD Thanks for informing us of this, Aquaberry! Hmm, I do find it strange that a demo for KHIII will be available. Does this mean it could be the old demo? Or, as many people here have already assumed...could it be a stunt to promote Re:Mind? Honestly, it's anyone's guess at this point!
  13. Thanks for informing us of this, Wakeless! Aw dang, a concert dedicated to Yoko Shimomura! That's amazing! I sadly won't be able to attend, but all the positive vibes and congratulatory praise from my part I send to Ms. Shimomura! She's done such amazing work not only on the Kingdom Hearts series, but with every game she's been involved in! Kudos to her skill and epicness!
  14. Old man Xehanort himself, of course! When he was first introduced in Birth By Sleep, I fell in love with the concept and ideals and conviction of Xehanort! Not to mention he had a badass appearance and one beauty of a Keyblade! Then seeing him in DDD and III again was icing on the cake! He's probably my favorite "big bad" because of how powerful yet wise he is! That and his powers of darkness are a serious force to be reckoned with! And because of him, Ansem and Xemnas are possible!
  15. I'm loving this game the more I see of it! And seriously, Team Yell? I swear, the teams in Pokemon games are starting to border on ridiculous. What happened to the badass teams like Aqua, Magma, Galactic and Plasma? Now those were threatening! Oh well, but I shouldn't underestimate them, I guess. Nice, I'm guessing it's the trailer above me!
  16. I wonder if there'll ever come a point when the story updates for the game will be simultaneous as opposed to having gaps between the two versions, ya know?
  17. I love how you're so informative with your posts, man! You always know how to advise KHUX players on what to spend or not spend Jewels on!
  18. Hello there, and welcome to this amazing and wonderful site! You've come to the right place to get your KH digest! I hope you enjoy being a member here! Now then, as with all newcomers, my pet bunny here shall devour your soul! (\_/) (._.) c(")(")
  19. Omg, thanks for showing us this, xionskeyblade! Dear sweet mother of mercy, this merchandise roundup is exciting! I love how we're getting even more merchandise as the months roll by! I want pretty much everything! But most excitedly, I'd want to get the Braveheart Keyblade, since Party City is like 8 minutes away from where I live!
  20. Honestly, I didn't mind that Master Xehanort didn't have that much screentime in the game. The time he did have onscreen was memorable as heck, so it was more than enough for me, ya know?
  21. I really need to get myself a Switch to own this game! XD
  22. Understandable, since Endgame really did mark the end of an era. But honestly, with Kevin Feige continuing to helm the MCU for as long as he's going to, I'm more than excited to see what the future holds! So you might wanna give Phase 4 a shot!
  23. Oh snap, that is another great interpretation! Gahh, this just makes me all the more excited to see Luxu and the Foretellers in the next saga!
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