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  1. Ooh, that'd be great! :o Also, seeing Toy Story 4 got me so nostalgic that I've been watching the whole series again! Gotta get 3 down and then shall attempt to see Toy Story 4 again in theaters!
  2. Oh dang, that just makes things all the more intense! I can't wait to see what else you have in store! :D
  3. Indeed, indeed! There's so much potential for a full remake of Days, given how the Organization are fan favorite characters of the series! And yeah, I know!!!! The fact that a good many of the original members are from the Age Of Fairy Tales makes things all the more intriguing! Seeing scenes with Xigbar recalling his goal that the Master Of Masters bestowed upon him and everything! And whatever it is that Luxord is hiding being teased in some context! And then possibly getting more insight into how he recruited Marluxia, Larxene, Demyx and Luxord! Gahh, there's so much that can be done! And your idea for the combat side of things is splendid!
  4. Oh, sorry about that. XD Anyways, I heard that there's some controversy because there supposedly won't be a National Pokedex for Sword And Shield?
  5. What is there to do when nothing else can be done? What can be done when there's nothing else to think? What can you think when you feel helpless? And when you're helpless, what can you do to get rid of that ever encroaching fear? Simple. Stand up and move forward.

  6. An ideal Final Mix for this game would be one in which we get to have more character development for the rest of the Organization members. This group of villains is probably one of the most interesting in gaming, and it's a shame that a good many of them are underdeveloped. And in a game that focuses on them, it would've been awesome to get more insight on them, ya know? But since the story pivoted towards Axel, Roxas and Xion the most, it's understandable. But ideally, I'd love more exposition and development with the other members! That and new secret bosses, of course!
  7. Ooh, this is amazing! Thanks for showing this to us, Wakeless! Gahh, these plushies! Must have!!!
  8. The most talked about cut content of this game is definitely the Woody and Buzz summons that were not included in the end product, and the fact that Nomura has wanted to implement the Jungle Book for the longest time but has not been able to so far. I know there's tons of more things, but these are the ones that come to me right now as I think.
  9. Lol, yep, that's Donald's greedy mind at work! XD
  10. Ooh, snap, what a thrilling chapter! Things are getting intense, and omg, poor Stitch! This precious cinnamon roll must be protected! Him being in pain is too much for my poor little heart! I love that you added Stiltzkin from IX to the story, I always liked him! And the man in the black coat is a very intriguing villain so far! Great work! Sorry that I took so long to comment! I've been busy with life!
  11. I think many of these things were left vague on purpose, because since this was't the end of the series, I bet Nomura wanted to give us a taste of what will eventually be the finality of Kingdom Hearts! But for now, we get vague descriptions, ya know? And I'm perfectly fine with that, as it builds up even more mystery and epicness to the awesomeness that is the mythos of Kingdom Hearts! But yes, as you said, The Final World is basically a purgatory, a limbo where hearts stay in place and do not move on, because they had things to do in the world of the living or are waiting for someone. This is where these hearts go until that time comes when they reunite with said someone and are able to move on. Chirithy saying that there's nothing else after the Final World is something that intrigues me. So what of Kingdom Hearts, then? Is it a realm that is completely cut off from The Final World? If so, who ferries the hearts that are ready to pass on to Kingdom Hearts? This just sets up the mystery more, and I bet that by the end of this series, we'll actually get to visit the actual Kingdom Hearts!
  12. I watched this film Thursday night, and it was definitely a film that I didn't think was necessary, but ended up happy that it ended up existing! The movie had a melancholy tone to it, and I like how it closed out Woody's arc. Even though the ending was sad, it didn't get me as bad as Toy Story 3's ending, which I still believe is the best ending in the series. TS4's ending left me thinking upon a similar situation with me in real life. But yeah, the movie was amazing! A great sendoff for Woody and the gang!
  13. I'd select pretty much every option on this list, but for the sake of only choosing one option, I'd go with Xion's story! I'm very intrigued to know how exactly the Organization brought her back!
  14. There's a lot of interesting things here at play, and all I know is that I'm excited to see where this all comes to a head! Because I'm very intrigued to see how important Luxord is to all this!
  15. Duuude, if I spotted a lady wearing this as swimwear, I'd fanboy like crazy! Awesome design!
  16. And it's a shame, too. Because if executed well, this game could've been the Smash Bros. of manga/anime!
  17. Thank you for all this juicy info, DChiuch! Gahh, I'm so excited for what Re:Mind has in store, both in terms of story and of gameplay! And the fact that we'll get to play as multiple characters excites me! I'm also intrigued by how Nomura said you can choose to play them, meaning that they aren't just for specific battles, but perhaps for larger chunks of story? And the part where he says that there are extra scenarios that can be enjoyed after clearing the story! What could this mean!? And the whole Heart's Regeneration bit of the Re:Mind concept probably alludes to Sora regaining his heart after having exhausted it by using the Power Of Waking!
  18. Ooh, this looks amazing! I love the Bring Arts Figures, and good old Sephiroth looks to be amazing! Thanks for showing this to us, Skyz!
  19. Thanks for showing this to us, Raxaimus! I came back from watching the movie an hour ago, and that indeed is a reference to the Kingdom Key! Or at least, the closest we'll get to one! But the hilt of the key is way too similar to the Kingdom Key's for it to not be!
  20. Oh wow, I didn't know that, nice! Well, at some point, I want to see the original anime. Was it ever completed, or did it end in a cliffhanger?
  21. Well, I haven't played a Pokemon game since Sun. And I heard that Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire were shorter than the originals.
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