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  1. To look at uncertainty and doubt in the eye is our greatest challenge. To face said hurdles is our biggest fear. But with courage and determination in your heart, you will rise stronger than you'd ever dream to be!

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      What brought this on? 

    2. The Transcendent Key

      The Transcendent Key

      Nothing in particular, just something I felt like typing down. :)

  2. I seriously doubt this will be the whole story, though, cuz I don't think Union X is ending anytime soon. So this is probably the first of a two or three parter.
  3. Hell yeah, for sure! I hope the DLC expands on a lot more and not just the Keyblade Graveyard, ya know?
  4. Thanks for showing this to us, xionskeyblade! This is a pretty great remix! I still prefer the regular version, but this remix does have an awesome energy to it!
  5. Ah yes, one of my all time favorite themes from the first Kingdom Hearts! Good lord, this battle was so hard for me when I first played the game! I remember continuously dying and having to watch the pre-battle scene over and over again till I had it committed to memory! Not that I minded though, I love cutscenes! But yes, great work with this remaster!
  6. I remember Bakugan from way back when! I even have a DS game holder that's Bakugan themed! But yeah, I remember seeing a few episodes of the original anime! It's actually a series I want to get into and watch all the old seasons! After that, I may give the reboot a shot!
  7. Toy Story is inching ever closer, ladies and gentlemen! We're in for a treat!
  8. I've been meaning to get that game, and War For Cybertron! I've heard they are both amazing games! As for me, still playing KHIII on Critical Mode, about to get to San Fransokyo! Playing Red Dead Redemption on my PS3, and once Fire Emblem Echoes: Shadows Of Valentia for my 3DS arrives, I'll be playing that!
  9. Yep! Now just wait to see all the Banjo and Duck Hunt grudge matches that'll ensue! XD
  10. You know, seeing the trailers for Frozen II, you can clearly see that the film is going for a more serious, darker tone. And there seems to be more adventure and variety in scenery, which is badass! There's so much mystery and intrigue in the story! I'm genuinely excited for this film!
  11. I wonder just how big the Galar region will be? I hope the game isn't short!
  12. Yes, I do love the similarities shared between KH and the two most recent Avengers films. And in a way, this game was the Infinity War/Endgame of the KH Universe! And it was legendary!
  13. You had me at Cecil and Golbez! Fighting Golbez would be amazing, and interacting with Cecil would indeed be badass! As for Sephiroth in the DLC, it's entirely possible it could happen! Who knows, honestly?
  14. Flipping sweet! Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry! I always thought that this attire is Leon's best, and the fact that he'll now sport these duds for NT is awesome!
  15. This is pretty sweet! I loved having Cloud's KH attire on him in Duodecim! The fact that they did the outfit for NT too is awesome! I still haven't gotten NT! I'm still waiting for all the characters to be released so that I can get the game with the whole roster! And I wonder if they added a traditional one vs one mode? But yes, thanks for showing this to us, KHWaterBlock!
  16. Thanks for showing this to us, Aquaberry! I think it's awesome that Game Central Station is now a world in the KH series! Who would've thought?
  17. I honestly loved the ending! Though I didn't expect Sora to basically get Thanos'd! XD But in all seriousness, Sora literally gave his all so that all those who suffered in the past could be able to be brought back and have their happy ending. He accomplished that, and is literally the key that linked to all. So the fact that he was the unifying point for everyone definitely wedged a tear in my eye! And well, the ending was just so sentimental, that seeing everyone on the beach was just so fulfilling! The whole ending with Hikari playing was the ultimate goosebump inducing ride! I'm just excited to see what the future holds for this amazing franchise!
  18. But hey, there could always be potential for the MCU to come in at any point in time. I do believe that come the next saga, the series will be ever so slightly more mature. Obviously not lose the essence of what makes the series so special, but slightly make it more mature. Like how Naruto transitioned into Shippuden!
  19. Thanks for informing us about this, KHWaterBlock! I think it's amazing that all of the games are being made into novels! I own the first one and Chain Of Memories, and I can't wait to get the rest!
  20. That's the beauty of the mystery, eh? As for their names, Demyx's is probably Emyd or Dyme. Luxord...is actually pretty rough to untangle. Perhaps Rould? Or Druol? True, but that's where the fun begins! That would be awesome, to get to see more of his young self before he fully embraced the darkness!
  21. Good lord, what a fantastic and mind baffling theory! This all sets into motion questions about everything we've come to know in the series! Is it all reality or is it all a heavily orchestrated and diligently crafted story manipulated by an outside hand? Gahhh, this just makes me excited for the future even more!
  22. It may be that the Master Of Masters was manipulating things, but I don't think Xehanort would've started a second Keyblade War to revive him. I do believe the whole purge deal to be his real reason rather than reviving the MoM.
  23. For me, the game gets a solid 8 out of 10! I only have three major complaints about this game: The lack of Final Fantasy characters. Yes, Nomura explained that he wanted the focus to be on the original characters that were all gathered in this game, and I understand that. But still, it felt jarring not seeing the Radiant Garden Restoration Committee, especially since Radiant Garden in this game was finally restored! I would've loved to see Leon and the gang again, and the fact that we didn't get so much as a reference to them made me sad. We also never got the Cloud v Sephiroth rematch to resolve their arc, and there was no new FF character cameo. The only FF things we really got were just mentions of Auron and Cloud, the Moogles appearing in shops as usual, and an NPC mentioning Seifer and his gang in Twilight Town. Having FF characters in KH is one of the staples of the series, so the absence of that was very much felt. Not enough for me to dislike the game, mind you, but still, I really missed them! The lack of more original worlds. Don't get me wrong, the worlds for Kingdom Hearts III are among some of the best worlds in the series, with The Kingdom Of Corona, San Fransokyo and The Caribbean being my top three favorite Disney worlds in the game! But the lack of original worlds was also very much felt. Twilight Town was dramatically reduced, we only got to explore a ridiculously small segment of the Land Of Departure, and we were only in the Realm Of Darkness for boss battles! Granted, not all the original worlds had to make an appearance, but I would've loved to explore Castle Oblivion again and then the Land Of Departure, explore a full Twilight Town, explore the populated area of the Destiny Islands and explore a full Scala Ad Caelum! (Though I do feel we shall get an expanded Scala, kind of like how Cavern Of Remembrance was added to KHII Final Mix.) My favorite original world in the game is the Keyblade Graveyard because of how sheerly badass it is and the epic battles that ensue, but other than that, we can't really talk about any other original worlds since 90 percent of the worlds in the game were Disney worlds. I do hope that for the next saga, the original and Disney worlds are balanced out. Severe lack of screentime for the other Guardians. Yes, I know that this game was to put the major focus on Sora, Donald and Goofy as they were to set out to get the Power Of Waking and end the suffering of all those that had suffered through Xehanort's machinations. I get that. But for a game meant to conclude a saga in this franchise, there should've been more screentime for the other Guardians! I would've loved to have more scenes with them talking to each other, catching up after all that had happened, and get some scenes of them struggling and whatnot prior to their reunions. More character growth and development out of the other trios, ya know? And after all the character development Riku had, he was severely underused in this game, as well as Mickey! The saving grace for this, though, is that every time we'd beat a Disney world, there'd be a healthy chunk of story following the original characters, so that was a saving grace. Having plenty of scenes with the villains was also a huge plus! Those are really my only complaints. The difficulty was another one, but with Critical Mode in the picture, it's no longer the case, as I'm playing through it, and yes, it is difficult! XD But the story was amazing, and I loved how it referenced so many things from all the entries of the series so far! The character interactions, the cutscenes, the production values were through the roof! The music was phenomenal, the best in the series! Though I wish Yoko would've composed the final boss theme instead of...Kishimoto was his last name? Don't get me wrong, the final boss theme was great, but Yoko adds that extra gravitas, ya know? The gameplay was phenomenal and fun, and the Gummi Ship in this game is definitely the definitive version of this mechanic! Overall, the game was an awesome conclusion to the Xehanort Saga, while also providing hints and clues and tantalizing teases about what's to come! In other words, I couldn't be more excited for the new saga! KHIII was everything I wanted and more, even if it lacked in some places! Nomura and gang, thank you for all your hard work!
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