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  1. Probably around 31 hours now. Last time I checked was when I beat it, it was 28 then.
  2. The World Ends With You is amazing. It's for the original Nintendo DS, but has also been released on Android and iOS, and the Switch release (with new extra content) is really soon. Just pick your platform and play it!
  3. What I wanted was a Diamond/Pearl/Platinum remake, but this seems fun too. Probably not gonna get it for full price from what I've seen so far, I'll get it from a sale at some point. Only Gen 1, no wild battles and the Pokemon Go style catching are downsides in my opinion, but I think it'll still be a good game. At least I get to start the game with an Eevee that sits on my shoulder.
  4. Klefki Not a starter, but neither is Prof. Oak
  5. Though I rank Kingdom Hearts as my number 1 favorite game series ever, The Souls series is easily the one where I have most hours played, thus I'm very excited to get Dark Souls Remastered. State of Decay was also a great game so State of Decay 2 is another game I'm interested in, but probably won't get at launch unless I can get some friends to also buy it for some co-op action.
  6. I don't think KH13 is the place to ask for help in this matter, but in this case I pretty sure you'd get the same answer that I'm going to give no matter where you ask: Your laptop isn't good enough. No way around it really. I suggest you refund.
  7. Seems like I might be buying TWEWY for the third time. Also very excited for Dark Souls 1 Remastered, definitely getting it on PC, and since it's on too Switch... Seems like I might be buying Dark Souls for the third time.
  8. I really recommend the first one. It's a unique turn-based squad control game that is a lot of fun to play and the art style is just gorgeous. I really hope this new game will have the same kind of gameplay as the first one. Since PC release was not announced, I'll probably get it on Switch if the gameplay looks good enough.
  9. Finally something about the Ready Player One movie, have been waiting for more news for months, but have to say I'm more excited for Westworld season 2.
  10. Used to be Assassin's Creed, I love the Ezio trilogy, but I never played 3 or anything after that. Now it's Rainbow Six. I've been playing R6 Siege a lot lately and it is a great tactical first-person shooter game. {–}7
  11. Ducktales for sure. I played it a lot on NES and I really recommend people to get the remastered version!
  12. Meeting friends! 15 people at cottage made for 9 people max was very interesting.
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