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  1. You're right! I did miss an enemy. How silly of me lol.
  2. So I have 3 mickey heads on all quests besides 769 - 774 quests in proud mode because of the Pot Scorpion heartless. They do a preemptive strike that instantly defeats me and uses up a turn which you need to defeat all enemies in 1 turn for the mickey head. Activating defense boost 6 doesn't seem to work either. Does anyone else have any tricks or strategies for surviving the attacks?
  3. If Ventus is freed from Sora's heart, I don't think he'd lose the keyblade's ability because the keyblade eventually chooses Sora because of his strong connection to friends and being a hero like it did in KH1 when he got the ability to wield it back from Riku. Namine isn't anyone's daughter because she was created, not born. But I see what you mean about them being related in that way. Maybe that's why she has the hair color that she has? For all we know, she could have the power to alter Ven's memories if he was also himself right now. Again, nobody's kid. Roxas Sora's Nobody but has the appearance of Ven because his heart is also apart of Sora's. Otherwise he would have looked like Sora.
  4. Next up is DDD but I did notice I don't have all the in game trophies in Re:coded... hmm...
  5. I'll take another look but my concern is, I have 100% on each character's story when I finish but only 99% in the Final and Secret episode. Almost as if I'm missing something on both of those. But both stories give you a new keyblade and all that's left are boss fights. I collected all the chests in the Secret episode too. I know for sure I bought everything in the mirage arena from each character cuz I checked multiple times showing I had at least 1 of each item. If only there was a checklist I can make sure each item in the stories are checked off! You might be on to something with the keyblades though, I'll check again... OMG IT WAS TERRA'S LAST RACE! I must have unlocked it but not beat it or a computer cheated me to finish... wow... Thanks a lot everyone!!! I must have assumed obtaining all the keyblades was a trophy or part of the reports... That 100% completion on Terra's ending screen is misleading!
  6. Keep at it. You'll get it eventually!
  7. Either way. Any idea they drop, I already have. They don't carry anything uniuqe.
  8. But if I defeated all of them, they won't respawn. I'd have to be pretty unlucky if there was a rare drop cuz I played through it at least twice.
  9. So I'm on my way to completing all the KH games 100% before KH3. Right now I'm on BBS and I've managed to collect all the trophies on the PS4 version but I wanted to go a step further and complete the Trinity Archives. Well I managed to get all of the in game trophies and have Mickey heads on everything except for the item collection in the game stats which is sitting at 99%. It's driving me crazy because I know I should have everything! I noticed when I play the individual characters, their final screen after the final bosses are at 100%. But the final screen in the final/secret episode shows 99%. There aren't any items in the final episode and I've gathered the treasures in the secret episode! All the reports in all the saves have Mickey heads and I bought 1 of every item in the shops and have all the keyblades (secret bosses conquered). I'm at a loss here and I can't move forward until I figure it out!!! Any help is needed. Thanks.
  10. They know people play the games for the story. Guarenteed they wouldn't make as much otherwise.
  11. I play all KH games to near completion and play KHUX everyday. Contact me if you want to join my party!

  12. I can't bring myself to doing this again for the PS4 remakes... maybe I'll come back to this post one day in case I change my mind...
  13. The KHUX story updates are keeping me occupied for the time being. I can handle little spurts of story for now.
  14. I'm not an expert at this game but because you're just starting out, I'd focus on leveling up the Treasure Trove, Lady Luck, and Three Wishes keyblades. They help you get through the story better than the Starlight. As for medals, your Illustrated KH 2 Kairi is a must have for restoring gauges, healing, and helping other medals do more damage. HD Namine is really good at copying the medal placed after it because it can copy it and do more damage depending on how strong it is. It's great when used on medals that give you straighten or lowers the enemies defense. Speaking of which, focusing on using buff/debuff medals in the beginning of keyblades is a really good strategy when using powerful attack medals at the end.Any buff/debuff medals you have that do that will work fine. I use Ice Titan as one of my main medals on a few of my keyblades but I don't have a lot of strong reverse magic medals. Look at what others are using in the game to get a feel on what medals are good or not. Join a party if you haven't already, they can help you with their medals and questions as well. That's my take on it but I'm sure others have good advice too.
  15. What's the point of joining a party besides having a chat room and seeing their metals before doing a mission?
  16. I think I read that they regret not making Days into more of a movie. So now they put more work into Coded.
  17. So what if one day you went to Japan this week and found yourself in front of Square Enix's building and they let you in? What questions would you have? I'm sure they'll tell you not to ask about anything KH3 related The reason I ask is because I get a chance to do this very thing! I'll try to ask a question or two you guys give me and tell you about it later this week. Again, nothing about KH3 because I'm sure they won't give me a good answer other than "wait for information soon".
  18. I just kinda wish they did something a bit different for Knuckles. Something about his head seems off to me. I like where they are going with him but he doesn't quite look right to me.
  19. It saves, but you have to beat the level for it to record anything.
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