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  1. you have to use plenty of multipliers, I used Illustrated Cloud myself.
  2. I've done this mistake. Please be aware that IOS 10 Beta does not support KHUx at this time. Go ahead and downgrade if you wish to continue playing. I look possible solutions but couldn't find any. I don't think Square Enix will do anything about this for now until the official IOS 10 comes out.
  3. I heard Alice will be very very helpful at some point in the story. Not gonna spoil you or anything but you have to absolutely keep her if you want to progress through the story.
  4. Sora and Pals is worth investing into for LUX plus if you are into omega behemoth farming. Possibly one of the best single target medal but hard to get ofcourse.
  5. does anyone know how to download the uncompressed official kh2.8 gameplay demo?

  6. The question would be, is there character progression? i.e. Aqua leveling up even more? looking at the trailer, doesn't seem like it is the case. I wish there could be more 'mini' stuff. Something to make it more than 1-2 hrs of gameplay.
  7. where can I download HD version of trailer? uncompressed file?

  8. few medals actually increases your str without attribute along with it (magic, speed, power). I am wondering if one is better than the other. As well as, if they stack up? For example, Phil (increases power-based strength for 1 turn)medal and a Diz (increases strength for 1 turn) medal? Would the str stack up? Anyone would clear this up would really help. Thanks! Note: str = strength
  9. I had to draw 10 times for Sephiroth, so much pain in that I feel ripped off.
  10. I think as long as you can advance to the game, I wouldn't worry investing so much at this early in the game. There are far more better deal in the future.
  11. mONSTER. I wish I could own one of those. Pricey. I'll stick to my cheap ass chromebook lol
  12. As the game develops, there will be greater rewards for competing on Lux, if you look actually on Home and Rankings, you can actually see rewards for ranking, I believe the very first price would be 1-1000th, not sure. Not good to rank up at this time due to recent cheating/hacking. Lux Ranking, Solo, you get rewards every week. Lux Ranking, Party, you get rewards every week as well. Coliseum Ranking you will get every month. I think Coliseum gives the best rewards but only every month and the competition is rather difficult.
  13. I think Wii U had potentials, but the line up wasn't very convincing at least for me that is Lacks 3rd party developer, imo. My Wii U collecting dust since it launch lol I played wind waker.
  14. There is a much rarer material called 'Adamantite' or something like that. It is used to go up +25. Usually obtained from story missions as a reward for defeating enemies with 1 turn
  15. No, it just those that use a third party app or whatever that enables the cheats. You're fine.
  16. sold out VIP tickets in NY. less than 10 minutes., :(

    1. Merilly


      I think there may be more in May when the regular sales start. The seating overview suggests that at least, because there are still a lot of seats they don't sell. ^-^

    2. Exodaze


      I got my self a gold one, I think it wouldn't be too bad, but then again, I still would want to meet yoko personally lol but I think now, I am asking for too much.

    3. Merilly


      I can understand the sentiment very well óo I don't even think it is too expensive, considering that regular tickets for some shows start at 120$ but there are still 100 between my category 1 ticket and the VIP one. xD

  17. I've beaten speed one with 3 objective completed, without using continue ofcourse., i have 350 medals through jewels. Took me about at least 5 tries. It's doable. But square need you to spend some cash. That's really the idea lol.
  18. I like your mindset, but I guess I am a little competitive myself, and I dont have tolerance to this cheaters lol specially not KH. I have so much respect for it.
  19. It's really annoying to see this people going up to leaderboards and taking slots for those who play legit and actually spends money, has square taken any steps to get rid of them? I'd like to hear your thoughts about this issue. Does jp version suffer the same ordeal?
  20. [KHUx] How do I increase guilt bonus more than 25%? Thanks!

  21. absolutely not photoshopped! try it yourself :biggrin:
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