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  1. I think the concept of being able to play as multiple players would be nice but in like a multiplayer form. like you could play KH online from your ps4 or something lol. Also HECK YEA! a new song jeez! weve heard the same song for more than 10 years now! its time for a new one!
  2. Hahaha i got Sora which is so cool and weird too i never thought id turn out to be a sora '_'
  3. That would be great if Nomura decides that he wants to be in a cameo. the Divine troller will be the ultimate keyblade(next to the Ultima keyblade and x-blade)
  4. Popo is a character in Dragonball Z in which at one point in Dragonball he trained the young Goku. he lives on Kami's lookout with Dende.
  5. Isa is just cold-hearted and bitter and i can see why, hes got Xehanort inside him. but otherwise hes not such bad guy afterall him and Lea were the best of friends till he was norted. when Isa is saved everything can go back to the way it used to!
  6. KH games are so easy i don't know why you would EVER have to use cheats in the first place.
  7. i think September is a good time for the game to be released.
  8. one thing that i know for sure is that his memories are in Terra's armor. his heart with Xehanort? his mind and body... well his mind must be with himself i think. but his heart should be confined inside of Xehanorts original form.
  9. id like to have that too.
  10. Thats what i thought as well. And same here i love rock in general.
  11. *Barney Stinson voice* "Challenge Accpeted!" 8I
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